Tom Brady Shuts Down Gossip About A Return To NFL

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The online hubbub about a potential return to the NFL pulled Tom Brady out of his mancave to address the rumors.

Some of the chatter out of the NFL Combine last week spilled into the news this week as outlets started to run with the idea that TB12 may be coming back to play another season.

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Tom Brady Shuts Down Gossip About A Return To NFL

Brady hopped on Twitter early Tuesday to shut down all the noise, mostly because he’s a cat dad now and has no time for professional football with a young one at home.

“Anyone who thinks I have time to come back to the NFL has never adopted a 2-month-old kitten for their daughter,” Brady tweeted, quote-tweeting one of the hot-take reports that had TB12 going to Miami.

Those hot takes proved to be all talk.

Brady’s Fit With Alleged Suitors Isn’t As Clear As Suggested

What started as small talk in Indianapolis soon turned into headline-grabbing news. But was any of it legit?

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen made Brady’s potential return a marquee point of his show Monday, and other social media reporters clasped onto the coattails of that story for the sake of clicks. The two teams floating around the Brady un-retirement news have been the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers.

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While the Niners hold a complicated QB situation with Brock Purdy set to receive UCL repair surgery, their contingency (or primary) plan with Trey Lance still puts them in a place where they can develop a franchise starter rather than having to wait for Brady to come back desperately.

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For the Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa became a massive question mark last season.

While Brady’s addition to the offense could be seen as a boost to the talented unit, the Dolphins coaching staff would have to de-commit from Tua’s progress to insert the GOAT under center.

Considering a return by Brady would entail one or two years of play max, the Dolphins would be remiss in taking on this gamble.

Brady’s said he’s done for good, so maybe it’s time we start taking his word for it.

Yes, his history makes it difficult to trust the retirement news. But after that brutal final campaign in 2022, where he divorced his wife and lost to the Cowboys in the postseason’s wild card round, who in their right mind would want to do all that again? Not Brady.

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