Tom Brady Flies Private To Pittsburgh After Attending Wedding Solo While Buccaneers Fly Together On Charter Plane

Tom Brady arrived in Pittsburgh alone ahead of Sunday’s game at Heinz Field Acrisure Stadium. The rest of the team arrived together,

Brady, who showed up solo to Robert Kraft’s star-studded wedding, could not make the team flight from Tampa Bay. It wasn’t a huge deal. There was no beef between Brady and the team, and it did not cause any drama amongst the locker room.

Tom Brady had to fly separately from the Buccaneers because he had to travel from somewhere other than north Florida.

Pretty plain and simple. Pretty cut and dry.

On Saturday afternoon, Brady arrived at a Pittsburgh-area airport after flying private from near New York City. He had a black car waiting for him to take him to the team hotel.

Tom Brady arrives in Pittsburgh after flying private.

Brady landed 20 minutes before the rest of the Buccaneers team, which flew together on a charter jet.

Buccaneers arrive in Pittsburgh without Tom Brady

While the separate flights was nothing of note, there are a few notable nuances. First and foremost, by attending Kraft’s wedding, Brady missed a walkthrough in Tampa with the rest of his team on Saturday.

He has gone through countless walkthroughs in his career, so it isn’t a problem— until it is.

In addition, upon arrival, Brady had the ring finger on his throwing hand wrapped with tape. He injured the digit in Week 2 against the Saints, but it still appears to be bothering him more than three weeks later.

Tom Brady’s finger wrapped after arriving in Pittsburgh.

Another thing to keep an eye on is Brady’s rest. He was out late for Kraft’s wedding and arrived in Pittsburgh in after a presumably long night. Will that make a difference on Sunday?

Tom Brady yawns upon arrival in Pittsburgh.

It is also worth mentioning that Brady flew to the wedding alone, attended the wedding alone, and flew to Pittsburgh alone. Gisele Bündchen was not with him for any portion of the weekend as their reported marital troubles continue.

All-in-all, Brady arriving separately from the Buccaneers is much ado about nothing. However, it seems like he is enjoying the “bachelor” life.

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