Tom Brady Promoted His Underwear Brand With Crotch-Stuffing Hack

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Tom Brady had an interesting suggestion for anyone looking to buy a pack of his Brady Briefs underwear: crotch-stuffing.

Like so many other high-profile athletes, Brady has a slew of business endeavors on his plate away from the football field. One of those is his apparel company, Brady.

Alliteration always sells. Enter Brady Briefs.

TB12 took to social media to share his excitement about his namesake undergarments getting back in stock.

Brady talked about how he had been posting a bunch of pictures of underwear models to promote his brand — as one does — and noticed something.

Those fellas are jacked beyond what most of “us normal looking guys” (the 7-time Super Bowl champ married to a Brazilian supermodel is including himself in this category) can aspire to, so Brady had a suggestion.

Nope, it wasn’t cut out sugar and do crunches until you barf. He offered a “mirror picture starter pack.”

It consists of a pair of Brady brand briefs and a Brady brand tube sock.

Brady’s Hack Isn’t Much Of A Hack

The greatest quarterback of all time is suggesting the oldest trick in the book: the ol’ tube sock in the underwear.

“Yep, works,” Brady said.

That’s not exactly a new idea and it’s another example of the internet’s liberal use of the word hack. Crotch-stuffing has been a staple of rock musicians for decades. I’m sure it dates back as far as there were crochet and things to stuff them with.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the pilgrims were walking around with one of their knickers tucked in their drawers. Then they’d strut around the Mayflower hoping to impress pilgrim women with names like Constance Fairweather and Hester Goodwife.

If you want to give The GOAT’s hack a try, you can get a pair of Brady brand briefs for twenty bucks. The socks will run you another $20, but of course, you’ll only need one.

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