Tom Brady Might Have Played The Worst Game Of His Career On MNF

Tom Brady did not look like vintage Tom Brady against the Los Angeles Rams. He may arguably be the greatest quarterback of all time, but the future Hall of Famer was uncharacteristically bad on Monday Night Football.

The deep ball was atrocious, the poise in the pocket was non-existent, and the decision-making was as bad as we have seen it in quite some time. This is not the type of performance people have come to expect from Brady — even at 43 years old.

The Rams gave the Buccaneers plenty of opportunities to win the game. Jared Goff was rough to watch too, but he wasn’t Brady bad — and that is really weird to say. Goff threw for 376 yards and two touchdowns, but he also had two interceptions and almost lost a fumble.

Statistically speaking, Brady was even worse. It took him 48 pass attempts to throw for 216 yards, a 4.5-yard average. His completion percentage was a putrid 54.2 percent, and his two interceptions would have made even Jameis Winston proud.

His last interception was his worst. Down 27-24 with two minutes and 32 seconds left, it was supposed to be Brady time. That is why he was brought to Tampa Bay, after all. Instead, we got this from the six-time Super Bowl champion:

It was bad. That’s really the only way to describe it. If he’s played that poorly before, it must have been a very long time ago.

Brady wasn’t the only problem though. The run game was atrocious, running backs were allergic to catching passes, and the play-calling throughout the game was questionable at best. For both teams. The two teams actually combined for 79 yards rushing on 38 carries.

The final score was close. The Rams squeaked by the Bucs, 27-24. These teams with a combined 14-7 record should have battled it out in a quality football game, but that’s not what happened. Instead, we saw two teams who looked like they didn’t want to win.

It was ugly — and unexpected.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. I love the prisoner of the moment culture we live in, 4 weeks ago Rivers was stealing money from the Colts who would have been smarter to pay Cam Newton or Alfred E Dalton. Rivers has been playing great football and yet he’s still just getting lucky every week. Brady plays poorly one week its got everyone in America flummoxed as to how the GOAT can lose a ball game.

    Here’s the thing, football, especially professional football, is a TEAM game. Blockers have to block, receivers have to catch, running backs have to hold on to the ball, defenses have to tackle. We put far to much emphasis on the guy taking snaps and not nearly enough on the other 10 guys on the field. Every player on the field in the NFL is a massive success story, they are a 1% world class athlete who’s received the best coaching money can buy. The other team works hard and wants to win too.

    • I hear ya, but Jameis is also a turnover machine, it speaks volumes that he can’t win the starting job in New Orleans, a former National Champion and Heisman winner can’t beat out a guy that went undrafted. Its because Jameis is a spoiled brat who has always skated by on raw athletic ability rather than having to work hard for things, same as Cam Newton. Brady is nearing the end of his career, but even on his worst day he’s 10x the man and teammate that Shameless is.

  2. I can agree on the turnover machine aspect but gotta disagree with you on the work ethic. Jameis might be a bonehead but he’s always been a first guy into practice/last guy out kind of player. I also don’t think Jameis necessarily lost the job to Taysom – Taysom Hill has been on the Saints roster for several years now so it feels to me like Sean Payton gave him the nod based on that. Taysom does feel like a Tebow-like guy though. He’s a dynamic player but what is the long-range feasibility?

    My problem is the Bucs axed Winston for a 43 year old Brady. You get a 37 year old Brady, cool. But this was a total win-now move by the Bucs and I was never convinced this team was one QB away from greatness.

    • I certainly believe that Nole’s fans believe that, but do you really think Jameis Winston grinds out 3+ hours per day of film study during the season (outside of practice time) that the elite QB’s do? I would bet my house that he does not. Which is why he has as many turnovers as TD’s. He’s riding on his physical ability rather than trying to reach the top of his field mentally the way Brady, Brees, Rogers, and Rivers has.

      As for win now, Bruce Arrians is 68 years old, I think that proves your point. He’s not interested in 2024. He wants to win within the next two years.

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