Tom Brady Says He’ll Join FOX As Analyst For 2024 Season

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All eyes have been on NFL G.O.A.T. Tom Brady’s return to football, this time as an analyst for FOX Sports.

Approaching one week of retirement, following 23 seasons in the NFL, Brady has been mum on when he’ll join Kevin Burkhardt (who handles the play-by-play) to headline FOX’s broadcasters booth after signing a 10-year, $375 million contract with the network in 2022.

TB12 finally stepped out to announce when he’ll be joining FOX during Monday’s episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

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After discussing what his next steps will be to fully disengage from the game (because you know Brady still wants to be out on the field), Brady informed Cowherd that he’ll be stepping into the booth in the fall of 2024 as the network’s new marquee voice for game analysis.

“Decompression’s important,” Brady said. “You’re on this kind of really crazy treadmill/hamster wheel for a long time — loving the moment, loving the journey at the same time. It’s a daily fight.”

“You wake up every day — just like you do and I have an appreciation for so many people that are so committed every day to showing up to put their max effort into their life and their career. 

“I think for me, I want to be great at what I do. And even talking last week with the people at Fox Sports and the leadership there, allowing me to start my FOX opportunity in the fall of 2024 is something that’s great for me.”


As expected, stepping away from the game wasn’t a sign of slowing down for Brady.

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Balancing time with his kids, developing the Brady clothing brand with salacious social media content and planting seeds for an acting career, Tom Brady is ready to embrace retirement life with the same dedication that earned him seven Super Bowl wins.

And his time in the booth will be another assignment to conquer.

“I wanted to be fully committed and I never wanted to let people down,” Brady told Colin. “I think my biggest motivator was that. Even in the future I want to be great at what I do and I think that takes some time and strategizing and learning and growing and evolving.”

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