Panthers Player Laughs In Tom Brady’s Face After He Freaks Out Over Blatant Flop Not Drawing Flag

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Tom Brady knows exactly what he is doing. At 45 years old, the 22-year NFL veteran is fully aware of every rule and every nuance to the game of football.

That is what makes his minor tantrum on Sunday that much funnier.

Tampa Bay needed to beat Carolina at home to win the NFC South and clinch a playoff birth. It ultimately did, behind a 432-yard, three-touchdown day from the greatest quarterback of all-time, but it took some final-minute heroics from the punter as well.

While the 34-20 final score might reflect a lot of offense, much of it did not come until late in the game. 30 of the 54 combined points came in the fourth quarter.

Before things started to click offensively, Brady was frustrated. He was doing everything he could to try and will his team to victory— even flopping.

At one point in the second half, 6-foot-5, 320-pound Derrick Brown got loose. The 24-year-old defensive tackle broke through the Tampa protection and pushed Brady shortly after he threw a pass.

Tom Brady flopped.

Brady was undeniably off-balance when he got shoved, but the way that he fell was a pretty blatant effort to sell the call. It didn’t work, and no flags were thrown, so he got very mad.

Part, if not all of the incident, was showmanship. However, Brady proceeded to get in Brown’s face and had a few angry words for him and teammate Bravvion Roy.

Brown and Roy were both baffled and amused by the quarterback’s frustration. The former couldn’t help but crack a smile and laughed at the entire exchange.

Brady’s minor tirade was ultimately harmless, as was Brown’s push. There seemed to be a mutual understanding that the anger likely stemmed from the Tampa Bay offense’s struggles, not from the “late hit.”

You can’t fault Brady for trying!

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