Chris Simms Ranks GOAT Tom Brady As 10th Best QB Of 2021

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Moving up five spots from his appearance on Chris Simms’ top 40 QBs list of 2020, quarterback Tom Brady is now the tenth best projected player at the position, per the list’s latest reveals.

The top eight on Simms’ list continues to be a mystery, as Dallas’ Dak Prescott received the No. 9 slot ahead of Brady. While NFL fans remain bullish on Brady’s backbreaking 2021 season ahead, others are starting to come down and evaluate how the season will truly unfold as he turns 44 in August.

As we all know, Brady won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay last year after spending nearly two decades with the New England Patriots, where he won six Super Bowls and three league MVPs. His latest Super Bowl win fully solidified his status as the best footballer (athlete?) of all time, should there be any skeptics left.

In 2020, Brady enjoyed another Pro Bowl-caliber season after throwing for 40 touchdowns (!!!), 12 interceptions, and over 4,000 yards, using a hand cannon people speculated was running out of ammo. At the nimble age of 43, Brady completed his season by throwing for 345 yards and three touchdowns in Super Bowl LV.

As of now, Father Time is still looking for his first win against Brady, who is now fully recovered from a knee procedure in February.

With absolutely zero signs of slowing down, Brady may someday soon include Simms in his own list of people who inspired him to have another elite season in 2021-2022. Or Simms could be right, and fans will need to start bracing for life after Tom.

Then again, Simms did rank Taysom Hill (24) over Jameis Winston (25) and Cam Newton (20) over Ben Roethlisberger (22). For what it’s worth, the list is probably another nice try, champ, pat on the head moment for Simms.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. Chris Simms who won absolutely nothing was nothing special at all talking about the guy who has 7 SB rings and quite possibly grabbing number 8 this year is just laughable his ignorance and stupidity is on full display here gtfo dummy

  2. I don’t know that I disagree. You say “GOAT” like his career has some bearing on his current ability. That’s ridiculous, any smart person knows that. If Brady was in say, Cincinnati, you think he wins like at Tampa? You are aware that Tampa was pre-built, they just needed a qb that wasn’t giving so many games away like Winston. If Rodgers hadn’t choked after Brady tossed 4 interceptions would you still be talking vs? By the way, Mr. Rodgers started his crying about GB organization immediately after his choke job to take the spotlight in a different direction, how he was really a victim. Anyway. Who cares?

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