Tom Brady Attempts To Help Football Buyer, Who’s Out $500K

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We told you last week about the unlucky schlub who purchased what was thought to be the ball from Tom Brady’s last touchdown pass for a cool $518,000. Word eventually made its way back to the recently unretired Brady, who is now doing his part to make the winning bidder feel at least a bit(coin) better about his purchase.

“Hey @FTX_Official …could we donate a bitcoin to the charity of this person’s choice?!,” Brady tweeted, along with a creatively edited video of the touchdown toss that cost the identified buyer more than half a million dollars.

FTX is a cryptocurrency company in which Brady and his wife, Gisele, have a stake.

The buyer of what now amounts to one of hundreds of footballs Brady once threw for a touchdown secured the winning bid less than 24 hours before Brady announced that he was ditching the golf course for more time between the white lines.

Since Brady’s decision to unretire, the value of the ball has dropped by hundreds of thousands of dollars, likely prompting Brady’s request to FTX.

The company quickly responded: “Let’s make it happen, Brady. But what do you say, we give him a bitcoin too?”

Currently, one bitcoin is valued at roughly $40,000. If you do the math, between the charity of his choosing and the bitcoin the buyer seems likely to be gifted, he’s in line to recoup about $80,000.

Now he’s out only 438,000 Buc’n dollars.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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