Tom Brady Agrees To Send Fan Game-Worn Underwear

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If you really, really like Tom Brady — enough to like one of his tweets say, oh…forty-thousand times, you could’ve been handed a pair of his game-worn underwear, via Brady himself.

Who needs to pay for OnlyFans when Brady’s hand delivering the very fabric which holds his footballs? For free!

Tampa Bay’s quarterback confirmed as much late last week when he agreed to send a banana hammock, fresh off the field, to a fan (creep?) who asked if 40,000 likes would get him a pair of sweaty drawers.

Behold, the power of social media.

The idea of potentially gifting a pair of Brady’s briefs to a fan was tweeted into existence after Brady saw video of himself being caught modeling his new line of briefs by wife, Gisele.

Once Barstool Sports got hold of the video showing Tom Terrific in his BRADY brand skivvies and nothing else, Brady jokingly responded: “cease and desist,” alongside a crying laughing emoji and of course, a tag to his BRADY brand.

Brady’s modeling eventually veered towards him jokingly declaring he would take some provocative photos matching those of the models used by BRADY brand to show off the clothing line’s boxers and boxer briefs.

He then called an audible and agreed to the pre-worn underwear deal, contingent on 40,000 likes.

Within hours the number soared past the required number of likes and a fan named Greg is the lucky (?) recipient of a pair of Brady’s undies.

For those wondering, a single pair of the undergarments, described as “game-changing shape retention meets natural, breathable cotton,” can be yours for the low price of $15 (briefs) or $20 (boxer briefs).

Being that Brady is in such a giving mood, combined with the fact that it’s almost Christmas in July – he may want to think about gifting additional fans some Schweddy Balls next month.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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