Tom Brady Weighs In On Aaron Rodgers Potentially Retiring, QB’s Darkness Retreat

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Tom Brady doesn’t want to see Aaron Rodgers’ time in the NFL come to an end.

The Green Bay Packers QB is currently on his darkness retreat, and the belief is he’ll make a decision on his future once his alone time in a dark room is over.

Brady, who hung it up after this past season, certainly hopes this isn’t the end of Rodgers slinging it on Sundays.

Tom Brady wants to see Aaron Rodgers keep playing.

“You know what, I hope he doesn’t retire because like I said, I think the league needs good quarterbacks and he’s one of the greats. So if he retires it’ll be a sad day for the league. He’s an incredible player and everyone has their different processes they go through,” Brady explained on his SiriusXM “Let’s Go!” podcast, according to the Daily Mail.

While Rodgers has certainly taken a few shots from across the social media landscape for his darkness retreat, Brady doesn’t hate the idea.

Tom Brady shows support for Aaron Rodgers. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

In fact, he thinks we might all be better off if we spent a little less time on our phones. The seven-time Super Bowl champion added, “And you know what, I think we all need to get off our phones a little bit more. I think we all need to get away from the TV a little bit more. I think we all need a little more nature and a little more silence and a little more peace, and however he’s going about it, good for him. Everyone’s got their unique way to process the season. It’s very intense for all of us and everyone gets to choose what they want to do.”

All eyes are on Rodgers.

With his darkness retreat underway, it means Packers fans are getting close to seeing an official decision being made.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, Rodgers’ future is the biggest story in the league. Will he stay in Green Bay? Is retirement imminent? Could Green Bay ship him out of town?

All options appear to be on the table, and nobody has any idea what the star QB is thinking. If he is traded, the New York Jets seem to be the frontrunner to land him.

Rodgers is a hell of a QB. Nobody can disagree with that, and Brady is right the league is better off with him in it. Fortunately, it does seem like he’s leaning towards continuing to play. It might just be a matter of where at this point. Whenever a decision comes in, we have you covered here at OutKick!

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