Titans Rookie OL Isaiah Wilson Spotted At Wild NYE Yacht Party

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Tennessee Titans rookie offensive lineman Isaiah Wilson, who has been arrested for DUI and received a trespassing warning after attending a Tennessee State University party where he considered jumping off a second-story balcony to avoid cops since being drafted by the Titans in the spring, was spotted on a New Year’s Day Instagram Story partying with women on a boat.

Wilson appears on the Instagram Story of Omar Thompson, who seems to have a master’s degree in the art of living the Miami lifestyle, partying with ladies in bikinis with cash being thrown on them. The Titans rookie goes from being in Thompson’s car to appearing on a yacht wearing his giant bear necklace while ladies party with the first round pick out of Georgia.

“It’s almost like he’s self-destructing on purpose,” Kevin Fountaine, Wilson’s prep coach, told The Tennessean in December when the Titans put the offensive lineman on the reserve non-football illness list.

The self-destruction appears to be in full swing as Wilson throws it in the face of Titans management that he’s not exactly trying to get his head straight. His playing time this season consisted of garbage time November 29 against the Colts and that’s it.

The rookie contract signed by Wilson included $11,568,389 over four years with a $5,973,376 signing bonus and $11,357,982 guaranteed. It’s unclear if the Titans would be able to recoup money from the rookie.

Isaiah Wilson New Years partying Miami
via Instagram Story
Isaiah Wilson partying boat video
via Instagram Story

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  1. I’m all in on capitalism and individual freedom, but I could also see putting a good chunk of those signing bonuses in trust for rookies for several years. It’s insane to give these young people millions of dollars up front and then just let them ruin their lives.

    • That sounds very Democrat of you. Protect people from themselves, yikes. I think a lot of college football programs make sure players learn about signing bonuses and how far a salary goes. From first round to undrafted free agent.

  2. Here’s an unofficial transcript from Wilson’s financial advisor meeting in December.

    “Mr. Wilson, in April we had a robust ‘make it rain’ allocation with the 20’s and some 50’s mixed in, and we had top quality women attending. But as I’ve said, covid hit us harder than expected. With the change in administrations, the economic projections are iffy at best. I recommended we cut back the ‘make it rain’ allocation to 1’s, just for the next couple quarters, until we see how the economy responds to Biden.
    Now I know what you’re thinking after the last party, ‘The quality of girls has declined a bit of recent, is this directly related to the budget reductions?’ The answer is a yes unfortunately. The unannounced drop to 1’s resulted in a severing of services from the Magic City girls. We found the contractor girls from Clarksville just for now. I’m truly sorry for that, but let’s ride this out.”

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