Titans Isaiah Wilson Arrested For DUI (UPDATE)

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Titans first-round pick Isaiah Wilson, who was in trouble for attending a college party back in August and allegedly considered jumping off a balcony to avoid Tennessee State University police, was arrested Friday night for DUI.

Wilson, an offensive tackle out of Georgia, was selected by the Titans with the 29th pick of the first round and had already received friendly advice from head coach Mike Vrabel about how to conduct business in the NFL. Apparently Wilson forgot that message Friday night because he booked into jail around 12:44 this morning, according to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, after blowing a 0.107 and 0.113, according to AToZSportsNashville.com.

“We’ve handled it. I’ve talked to Isaiah privately,” Vrabel said after the August incident where Wilson was at the Tennessee State University party. Wilson signed a four year, $11.57 million with a $5.97 million signing bonus rookie deal back in early August.

The Titans were up early this morning to issue a response to Wilson’s arrest. “We are aware of the situation. This is not conduct that is indicative of the character of our football team and we are working through details on how to proceed.”

Update: According to Scoop Nashville, Wilson’s DUI was the result of another bad decision for the NFL rookie.  “A witness reported that Wilson, 21, lost control of the car while doing “donuts” in the intersection, resulting in him hitting the concrete wall on the outbound side of Charlotte Avenue,” Scoop reported.

Isaiah Wilson mugshot

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  1. I have never understood high profile athletes getting paid millions driving themselves around to parties. Honestly? It’s stupid. You just got paid $6 million, HIRE A DRIVER! I have a former police officer friend who now does personal security just like this for a living in Nashville now. He’s available. You can probably hire him for $100 an hour to be your trained security guy who drives you safely wherever you need. You have the money, so just hire a freakin driver when you want to go out. You probably need a security guy anyway as a high profile athlete.

    • You’re exactly right. With that in mind, I would certainly think the Titans would put the players through an “ABCs of fame” course as soon as they’re drafted. If they’re prone to make dumb mistakes put some effort into educating them. It will end up saving the team money and pain in the end. They probably do things like that, but warn them about being a target for financial scams, blackmail, shady friends, etc. Then point these guys to resources that are trusted for support. Furthermore, as much money as they invest in these 1st round guys I’d literally include personal security and driver services as part of their deal. Why on earth wouldn’t you with this much invested? It boggles my mind.

  2. Have to laugh at the predicament the Titans and Vrabel find themselves.

    Recall that old chestnut: “If a company lends you $100,000 you’re a borrower…if you borrow $5,000,000 you’re an owner.

    Good luck, Titans…can’t live with him, can’t live without him.

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