Tim Tebow Uncorks A Massive Bomb On The Range Right In Front Of Bryson DeChambeau

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Are we about to see Tim Tebow transition from a retired NFL quarterback right into a long-drive competitor? Is that why we saw the former Heisman trophy winner pop up on Bryson DeChambeau’s Instagram Story feed where he was absolutely MASHING A BOMB at 205 mph?

Let’s hope so.

You’d have to be an absolute loser blue checkmark to not be intrigued by Tim Tebow in a long-drive competition unleashing muscles that humans didn’t know they had until Tim came along.

Watch this multiple times and get a good look at all the shredded muscles you’ll never have actually engaged and performing when the camera is running. Look at this athlete. This man turns 35 in August and there isn’t a golf scramble team out there that wouldn’t want this rocket laying in the fairway.

Now, let’s do some actual blogging and put that 205 mph ball speed into perspective. Two-time World Long Drive champion Kyle Berkshire is said to have the highest ball speed known at 233.4 mph. In October, he posted a video where his club speed was just shy of 160 mph while the ball speed was 223 mph.

To put that in context, the average PGA Tour pro has a swing speed of 113 mph.

In 2011, Tebow finished in second place at the American Century Championship long drive contest — 327 yards — with this swing. Notice the difference between 2011 and 2022.

Now at 205 mph with the ball speed, we need to see what this translates to in a competition. We need Golf Channel or whomever to throw down cash to the Tebow Foundation to get him into a competition.

Berkshire won the 2021 World Long Drive Championship with a 422-yard bomb. DeChambeau finished seventh. It was at that competition where the LIV Tour pro produced a personal best ball speed of 219 mph.

“Getting the 219 mph ball speed out here was a dream come true,” he added. “I never thought I would get to that type of speed. I broke the barrier by three miles an hour faster than I’ve ever gone in my entire life,” Bryson said.

Tebow’s in the ballpark. We deserve to see more.

2020 PGA Tour stats:

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