Congressman Says UFO Tech Can Turn Humans Into ‘Charcoal Briquettes’

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A war against aliens won’t last very long if UFO technology is as powerful as Congressman Tim Burchett believes.

UFOs and aliens hot topics across the world right now, and there seems to be more and more sightings than ever before. A whistleblower by the name of David Grusch also sent shockwaves through the UFO community when he claimed the government was covering up a secret program and alleged the government was in possession of non-human designed crafts and possibly dead bodies.

Grusch’s claims really sent interest into the subject skyrocketing.

Is UFO technology unstoppable?

One of the leading voices when it comes to getting to the truth of the subject is the Congressman from Tennessee. Burchett has been staunch in his belief the public hasn’t been told the truth, UFOs are here and are capable of doing things science couldn’t possibly ever explain.

Now, he’s ratcheting up his claims to include the facts have no shot in a war against aliens if UFO tech is as legit as it appears in some videos.

Congressman Tim Burchett is one of the leading voices on the UFO issue. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Burchett claimed UFO tech could turn humans into “charcoal briquettes” during an interview on the “Event Horizon” podcast, according to the Daily Mail.

“They [extraterrestrial craft] can travel light years or at the speeds that we’ve seen defy physics as we know it. They can fly underwater and don’t show a heat trail…We are out of our league. We couldn’t fight them off what we wanted to. That’s why I don’t think they’re a threat to us, or they would already have been,” the Congressman from Tennessee explained.

What is the truth?

As stated above Burchett is one of the leading voices in the country when it comes to the UFO issue. What is up in the sky? That remains unclear, but Burchett is confident the truth is being concealed.

“We’ve been dealing [with government coverups] since 1947, probably since about 1897 in what was the Aurora Texas UFO crash,” the Congressman said in the same interview.

That’s a stance he’s long held. He previously told NewsNation, “It’s something else out of this world and, you know, we’ve been covering this thing up since the [1940s]. Since Roswell or before then I believe.”

What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

So, what is up in the sky? What are the things captured on video? Some of it, I believe, is military tech that is highly-classified. The B-21 bomber looks a lot like what you’d imagine a UFO looks like.

However, that excuse doesn’t fly for everything, and we certainly know the Russians and Chinese don’t have the kind of tech that’s been picked up on camera. The most infamous video its the “tic-tac.” If our enemies got that kind of technology without us noticing, it would be the greatest intelligence failure in human history.

Let’s hope Congressman Burchett and others get to the bottom of the truth. People deserve to know what’s out there!

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