TikTok Star Alix Earle Covers Herself In Glitter & Not Much Else For Ultra Miami

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The Ultra Music Festival kicked off Friday in Miami and will run through Sunday night. Dubbed the world’s premier electronic music celebration, the festival attracts influencers and those connected to the nightlife scene.

Among the influencers in the area who made it out to the three day event is TikTok star Alix Earle. She made sure to document the experience as she got ready and then from the dance floor for her 4.8 million followers.

TikTok Star Alix Earle Ultra Miami
World’s No. 1 ranked TikTok ‘IT GIRL’ getting ready for Ultra Miami (Image Credit: Alix Earle/TikTok)

As she documents, attending Ultra Miami means “Being nakey in public.” There’s not a whole lot of clothing required to go raving. Alix’s day one outfit included pasties and a see-through purple one piece outfit that included leg straps and sunglasses.

After avoiding being one of the seven people arrested and twelve hospitalized, the world’s No. 1 ranked TikTok ‘IT GIRL,’ as named by the OutKick Culture Department, was ready to head back on day two.

Day two required a new outfit that was somehow even skimpier than day one’s. That’s a talent, that’s why Alix has millions of followers, it’s what separates her from the rest. The plan for day two was to be “Fun and nakey.”

Alix had matching outfits for herself and a friend that consisted of pretty much just a bikini and see-through pants. They had some accessories to add to the look and coated their skin in glitter, because again, Alix knows how to entertain.

The raver girl look was the TikTok stars favorite outfit she’s ever worn. With more than five million views, TikTok is a fan of the outfit as well.

This TikTok Star Is Back On The Dating Scene

This is a good time to remind everyone that current Oakland A’s minor leaguer Tyler Wade was in a relationship with her, and by many accounts, he “fumbled the bag” when it comes to the relationship.

Alix called things off with Wade after he refused to post her on his Instagram. He was sniffing the Major League’s at that time and likely wanted to keep his road trips from getting stale.

That was a mistake in her eyes. A mistake that TikTok’s ‘IT GIRL’ is not sweating one bit. She’s out getting “nakey” for rave fun and moving on with sushi dates.

That’s right, last week Alix revealed she was back in the dating game. She said, “This is probably one of my favorite things to do and you’re probably wondering why I am getting ready. I am making it with someone I met the other night and I feel that cooking is a fun activity and I love sushi.”

If she learned anything from her relationship with Wade this guy isn’t an athlete or she’s dropped the requirement that she shows up on his social media. That’s going to be a deal breaker for some, even guys who haven’t earned that big payday yet.

Written by Sean Joseph

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