Tiki Barber Claims Aaron Rodgers Is Too ‘Sensitive’ To Make It In New York, Thinks He Talks Too Much

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New York media and Green Bay media are two very different things. Aaron Rodgers has handled the latter throughout his career, but Tiki Barber isn’t sold he has what it takes to navigate the depths in The Big Apple.

Rodgers has been linked to the New York Jets for months now and the franchise hasn’t exactly kept it a secret that they’re interested in the veteran QB.

While there’s no arguing that he would be a massive upgrade for the Jets, Barber is under the impression that Rodgers is too sensitive to hack it in New York. He specifically took issue with Rodgers calling reports of when his darkness retreat was taking place “fake news.”

“It just made me start to realize that if he is that sensitive that he gets upset that people, reporters, opinion-makers, influencers – whatever – want to talk about him, he is going to struggle in New York,” Barber said on his radio show on WFAN. “I don’t know if I want him in New York if this is going to be his reaction to things that don’t matter.”

The Green Bay Packers are reportedly leaning towards trading Aaron Rodgers. (Credit: Getty Images)
The Packers may look to trade Aaron Rodgers this season, and New York could be a suitor. (Credit: Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers Apparently Opens His Mouth Too Much

Ironically, Barber, who is now in the media himself and is paid to talk, doesn’t like how much Rodgers opens his mouth.

“If Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want people talking about him, his offseason, his personal life and all these things that are going on with him, he needs to stop talking,” Barber said.

“When you go and you’re doing something that feels odd to normal society, which is going to sit in a cabin in the woods for four days in complete isolation, we’re gonna talk about it! We have to! It’s our job to! For him to get offended by it, he’s not going to handle the intensity of the New York media-scape – traditional media, social, everything else – if he’s here.”

The story about New York media has always been the same, that they’ eat people alive,’ but they haven’t exactly had to deal with a Rodgers-type in quite some time.

If Rodgers does end up with the Jets and wins football games he’ll be able to say whatever he wants to the media. He, nor Jets fans, will be too concerned with what he’s saying if he can lead the Jets to the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

Rodgers has two years left on his three-year deal worth more than $150 million.

Written by Mark Harris

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