Tigers Broadcaster Goes Harry Caray, Drops A ‘Nothing Sexier Than A Girl Drinking A Leinenkugel’ Line During Broadcast

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Tigers broadcaster Matt Shepard is known to fans who typically watch his broadcasts as one of the most boring and vanilla voices in the game, but that all changed Sunday when the guy went all vintage Harry Caray as a woman sucked down a Leinenkugle Summer Shandy in the outfield.

The always-outraged media nerds at Awful Announcing declared Shepard went to a “weird place” with his commentary while the always-aggrieved Detroit sports fans, who have been trying to run Shepard out of the job ever since he opened his mouth on a Bally Sports microphone, have added this to the list of grievances they’ll use for their case to can Shep.

Cancel-worthy? You make the call. Actually, I’ll make the call for you — this is a huge nothing burger.

Did society crumble when Harry Caray would carry on about the ladies in the bleachers having a good time? Did society come to an end when Brent Musburger appreciated the beauty of Katherine Webb in the stands? Was it the end of the world when Shepard cracked completely out of his shell to drop his line about the bride?


Honestly, I’m surprised Shepard hasn’t been canceled by this one yet. If his comments came on a Tuesday night with nothing going on in the world of sports, you’d have every SB Nation employee (those that are still employed) and the Sarah Spains (who used her boobs to rise up the media ranks) saying how this is yet another stain on society and how Shepard should have to pay the ultimate price.

Thankfully, Shepard has flown under the radar the last 24 hours. That’s a tribute to just how boring the guy is. People barely know he exists. It’s literally the best defense he could’ve had this week. Matt Shepard is so boring that it likely saved his job here.

Now let’s act like read-blooded Americans and enjoy Harry Caray at his finest:

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