Tiger Woods Crash Update From Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department have provided more details about Tiger Woods’ Tuesday morning crash of his 2021 Genesis rental SUV. “He was alive and conscious,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva stated. Authorities also added that there were not signs of impairment “at this time.”

Both legs suffered serious injuries, Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said, adding there weren’t any life-endangering injuries to his knowledge.

Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who was first on the scene, said during Tuesday’s press conference that Woods wasn’t able to stand under his own power after being extracted from the vehicle. “He seemed as though he was lucid and calm,” Gonzalez said. “He didn’t seem concerned of his injuries at the time,” but Gonzalez noted that this is not uncommon for people who’ve been in car crashes. Gonzalez’s body cam was operational during the event.

  • Sheriff Villanueva reports Woods did hit a tree with approximately an eight-inch stump that was sheared off.
  • L.A. Times says Tiger was driving at a high rate of speed and lost control.
  • Golf Channel reported Tiger was responsive to paramedics at the scene of Tuesday’s crash that sent him to the hospital with multiple leg injuries, according to his agent Mark Steinberg.
  • ESPN’s Shelley Smith reported Tiger was on his way to play golf and do a photo shoot with Drew Brees and Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

And late Tuesday evening, Woods’ camp issued the following statement:

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  1. I used to live in that area. That section of Hawthorne Blvd is very, very tricky, and it’s very easy to get going faster than you can handle. If you’re in a big, heavy vehicle you’re not used to, and not paying attention, things could get out of hand quickly.

    Knowing the area, I wouldn’t automatically assume anything about Tiger at the time of the accident.

    • I’ve been through there a couple of times and your right, good place to keep your foot over the brake. Sketchy overhead look, but the path taken at the tree line looks like one of those canyon drop-offs, kinda like a shallow cliff, not 20 feet from the car path? That was a pretty intense ride. A closer look might show he was pretty lucky with the outcome.

      The OK staff has been posting drunk Tiger pics for 2 days. Should be fun

  2. He’ll pull thru. In the meantime, he should probably consider his professional career over (unless the PGA allows carts). He was in enough pain before the accident, and the crash will likely make it more crippling. We’ll see what post-PGA Tiger has in-store for us….

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