Thursday Night Mowing League: When The Pit Crew Doesn’t Do Its Job

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TNML Commissioner’s Report:

And just like that, I’ve gone four straight weeks of not missing a league night.

What’s the secret? Great weather, having my head in the game and Mrs. Screencaps taking the five-year-old to soccer practice. Let’s just saying everything is aligning right now. The weather deserves plenty of credit for this four-straight week of layin’ stripes streak. Mother Nature is dialing up the perfect early-week rain followed by the sun.

Have you guys looked at a calendar? Next week is the final mow of September. Seriously. Time is flying. There are four official mows left and we need to make them count.

Stats and observations:

• 5″ mower deck

• 1 hour, 18 minutes to finish

• Horizontal pattern in the front

• One more dead tree limb burn to go

Things that caught my eye this week:

Let’s go to Greenwich, CT where the guy from the robot mower company couldn’t be more insulting to his fellow human beings. Eric’s robot at home mows on Saturday.

Quickly moving along so Eric doesn’t ruin my weekend, let’s meet Yarbo. Buy this robot and you won’t have to worry about having balls the rest of your life. Yarbo will own your nutsack as you sit in the house scrolling Facebook.

And then Yarbo eventually runs off with your wife. It’s coming, nerds.

Easy: Once on Thursday and then any other day you think it needs trimmed…but it can’t be on Saturday

TNML store…show your league colors…BUY, BUY, BUY!

TNML Reports:

• Ryan S. in NW Ohio writes:

It has been a while since I’ve been able to post and I feel like a failure.

But last night I was able to finally line up the yard like it deserves. I literally used every last bit of daylight available. Nightcap was Lead Slingers. Enjoy the weekend!

• Rob S. in Piedmont, NC is back after quite a layoff:

I finally got a Thursday in we’ve been crazy busy on others’ yards.  Put the 19 yr old on it tonight after getting in and a shitty pic bc my phone is smashed, but went with circle nasty on the last day of summer.  Fescue popping up..aerate soon and overseed coming.  Finally cool front pushing in tonight… fridge in pic and I don’t put stickers on it, save them for work/cabinet areas…..Thanks for it all Joe #Torotitan60″#stihl91#stihl450#buschlattes#gopats#TNML

• Tim G. in the 419 writes:

Powered through 2.9” of rain over the past two days, plus a sunset now at 7:30, to get a 5” cut in before dark. Temps in the upper 50s by nightfall too. Fall is here in Allen County, Ohio!

• Galen in Johnson City, TN got his mowing done before the huge college football weekend:

Hey Joe!

Another week of satisfied clients and I’m finished for the week on Thursday evening!

Couldn’t do it without my sponsors SCAG, Stihl, Red Max, Carhardt, and Keen!

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor on board…YouTube! Stihl was giving me a hard time this week so I watched a few videos, did a little maintenance, and BOOM…edges are back to perfection.

Finally, hats off to Beechwood-aged, macro-brewed, and ice cold Budweiser!

“Stripes are down, let’s have another round!”


• Dave in Rhode Island writes:

Had to move game time up several hours today due to much-needed rain moving in this morning, so a 9:30am EDT start time (working from home advantage) – got caught in a couple of downpours but we started and finished in what I think may be record time for this track.  Once again gotta thank @Husqvarna for the many years of service with my little pusher that just gets it done, and later this evening a nice @bushlatte to wrap it up.

Considering we are still under an outdoor water ban, it’s amazing how much the grass has come back with just a few rain events.  Still cutting on 4″ height!

• Indy Daryl writes:

Couldn’t have had better weather for the first day of fall! Low 70s with a slight breeze and some sunshine? Heck yes! And in honor of SC conversations, I celebrated a league mow with an original craft brewery IPA and a mass produced “domestic.” Let’s raise a glass to fall, mowing grass, and beer!

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.

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