Three Million Children Have ‘Dropped Out’ Of Full Time School Since Pandemic

In an alarming report Wednesday, the New York Times found that almost three million children have dropped out of full-time school “because of the shift to virtual learning from in-classroom learning.”

Three million, that’s roughly the school-age population of Florida.


The Times says students in poor and minority communities — the group politicians say they care most about — have been deeply affected by the shutdown. Many students across the country do not have access to an internet connection. The National Education Association (NEA) estimates that 25% of school-age children do not have broadband access or a web-enabled device.

The drop-out rate was also most alarming among major blue cities such as Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C, where teachers unions have pressured school districts to continue with virtual learning.

The Daily Wire released the following data:

“In Los Angeles, 15%-20% of English learners, students in foster care, students with disabilities, and homeless students didn’t access any of the district’s online educational materials from March through May.

“In Washington, D.C., back-to-school family surveys found that 60% of students lacked the devices and 27% lacked the high-speed internet access needed to successfully participate in virtual school.

“In Miami-Dade County, 16,000 fewer students enrolled this fall compared with last year.”

Data warned us of this outcome, so it isn’t unexpected. There were hints of this at the beginning of 2021 when ABC News found that over two million K-12 students were no longer showing up for school, calling them essentially “off the grid.”

There are several contributing factors to this mess, many of which have no solutions. Those, however, do not include the role politicians played. Of all the poor decisions made over the past 12 months — and there were many — the decision to force students to stay home remains the most inexcusable and consequential. What students have lost cannot be returned. It’s gone, taken away from them for good.

As I argued two months ago, keeping in-class learning closed beyond reasonable dates halted academic and social growth, increased suicide rates, robbed the youth of memories, and according to these reports, kept many students away from school altogether.

For what? No one has answered that with a reason that can’t be debunked in minutes. Was it worth it? That’s a question those in power won’t honestly answer.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The politicians and “experts” who cried lockdown sent their kids to private schools, where they have attended in-person for this entire pandemic. While they told everyone else doing so is the equivalent of attempted murder. With the media praising them instead of asking “why are your kids in school if its unsafe

  2. And who was advocating for children to remain in school since May of 2020?

    President Trump, that’s who!
    Because he has balls and isn’t scared to speak his mind if he believes in something.

    • I am inclined to agree ^^ The brainwashing is so thorough, not just at the college level but now the middle/high school level that the sun has truly set on the future of our nation.

      You got your family and your faith. I am leaning into the latter more these days as I see the unraveling taking place.

    • There are a NUMBER of doctors who are warning about these “vaccines.” One, Dr. Christiane Northrup is a best selling author who was on Oprah ten times. Now she is shunned because she is sounding the warning and going against the accepted narrative.

  3. It’s idiocy and/or evil. A kid in Oregon collapsed at the finish line after running a long-distance race WITH A MASK on!

    How stupid are our “leaders” to abuse students like this?

  4. It benefits Chi Na greatly when American students suffer since they want to outcompete us in all areas of technology.

    It benefits Chi Na when we treat Russia with hostility since Russia is a near rival to them.

    See the pattern?

  5. As a 59-year-old who attended 1 year of public school in 6th grade and the rest in private school in SE Virginia, I can attest to different standards & learning levels at public and private schools even in normal times. And while improved education can be a leveler, the children of two doctors or engineers are going to be better students in most cases than the children of two laborers. The complete absence of school and teachers will not improve the situation.

    Honestly, while politicians’ efforts to level the playing field have successfully dumbed down several generations in public & private schools, the politicians have yet to find the alchemy to impact genetic and economic privilege. And no amount of taxpayers’ money will eliminate this genetic advantage. Parents with means, including politicians, will continue to provide their children with the best education possible within their geographic region. These students will generally outperform.

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