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I’m not a country music fan. I understand I write for Outkick, they are in Nashville, and I’m a midwesterner, but I hate country music. I’m in the camp of all songs are about dogs, pickup trucks, or relationships. In fairness, most songs are about relationships, but I’m not a country music person. I’ll listen to pretty much anything outside of that, but I’ll tip my imaginary cowboy hat to some of the more pop-country songs like Fancy Like, and Tennessee Whiskey. Either way, don’t reach out to me about my music preference, you won’t change my mind. If you like it, great. If you don’t, great. What really matters for this is one performer: Chris Stapleton.

Stapleton is actually the singer of the aforementioned Tennessee Whiskey song. He looks exactly like a country singer. He’s going to have a hat on, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with a guitar and some jeans to sing. Maybe a black shirt, or maybe an American flag shirt. If you do Google images searching you’ll see almost every cowboy hat is beige or light colored. Here are the odds for his hat color when he takes the stage to sing the Star Spangled Banner: Black hat +350, any other color -600. Quite frankly I wouldn’t advise betting $600 to win $100, but this is as sure of a lock as anything I’ve ever seen.

The next area to consider is the length of time for the song to be sung. Not knowing much about Stapleton, I had to sit through some of his songs and get a feel for how long he takes on things. Tennessee Whiskey being the one I was most familiar with made me instantly lean towards an over because that is a slow song where he takes his time to get through. It seems like most of his songs are four minutes or so long. He seems to have a slow and methodical pace with his music so I could see this being stretched out. He isn’t going to do some random guitar solo, but this is the guy’s moment. Lots of people have no idea who he is and he can make a name for himself. However, there are also two other people performing songs before the game, so maybe the NFL encourages a shorter version.

I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find him doing a rendition anywhere of the National Anthem. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it just means that my googling skills might not be as good as yours. I looked back at past performances and three of the past four country singers went over their time total. He total time for this performance would be 2:07. Remember, this starts as he sings “O” and ends when he finishes “Brave.” I’m expecting him to go slowly through the song and milk some parts of this. I’ll take the over.

A couple other fun ones here that I’ve found regarding the Anthem revolve around who is going to be shown first. The first one I have here is will they show Travis Kelce or his brother, Jason Kelce, or both first. They will undoubtedly be on a split screen at some point, but there is no way in hell anyone thinks that Jason Kelce has the same notoriety of Travis. Travis is the bigger name, the bigger star, and even is more attractive. He’s going to be shown first and they will show him by himself. At -180, it is a steep price, but I feel like this is almost a sure thing. And, of course, there are no sure things unless you’re the camera man for the game – in that case, hit up my DMs so we can talk.

The other shown first props for the anthem are Andy Reid/Nick Sirianni and Patrick Mahomes/Jalen Hurts. In both of these, the Chiefs are favored. Andy Reid has ties to both teams, and is probably more recognizable as I think he’s done commercials lately. Sirianni is newer but the viewers can probably assume that if he isn’t in uniform he is the coach. I would think Reid is shown first here and at -130 it makes sense. Now, Patrick Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts gets interesting to me. Mahomes is definitely more popular, but you can’t show Kelce, Reid, and Mahomes before Eagles, right? Maybe you can switch off and it starts with a Chiefs player, but I think we have a chance to see Jalen Hurts first. He might be the league MVP, and they may just want to put him on screen before shifting over to a closeup of Mahomes. I’ll probably lay off this one, but I’d lean towards Hurts being shown first.

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Written by David Troy

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