This 150:1 NFL MVP Bet is Worth a Shot

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You can almost smell it, can’t you? The return of the NFL. I know I can, but let’s face it, the NFL almost never really goes away. At least not completely. They have found a way to dominate the news cycle throughout the entire calendar year. Good for them. I’ve started investing my time into more and more news and am ready to share with you my picks for MVP of the National Football League.

Josh Allen +700

The guy is the favorite for a very clear reason: He’s an absolute beast, that lost in a heartbreaking way, and still has a great team. Think this year will be his vengeance tour? Me too. I think the Bills have at least as good of a chance to win the Super Bowl as they ever have, and with Allen using his arm – and legs – to get them there. I think I have to take this because it is possible this is the best value we get on him for most of the season.

A quarterback has won this award each of the last nine seasons. A quarterback has also won the award 14 of the last 15 seasons, and 18 of the last 21 seasons. In case you don’t catch on quickly, this is a QB-centric award that goes to the best player at the most important position. The other winners? Running backs. Let me break down who else I’ll be putting smaller plays on. Allen is the only one I’ll risk a full unit on at this point.

Aaron Rodgers +1000

DeVante Adams is a hell of a wide receiver. He’s gone now, Rodgers seems like he may be happier in Green Bay than last year, and he doesn’t have an actress fiance distracting him (he won two MVPs with her so maybe she wasn’t distracting at all). Regardless of who has lined up with him, Rodgers makes those receivers better. I think this is a little undervalued right now, but I’ll play him. It isn’t like he won’t be the focal point of the offense just because Adams is gone.

Joe Burrow +1200

Burrow needs no introduction. He turned it on last season and this was in a year that the Bengals were probably being a bit cautious with him after he returned from his rookie year knee injury. If they truly unleash him, Burrow might be able to snag the MVP. I don’t think it is super likely, but I think he is worth a flyer.

Russell Wilson +1400

Wilson is now in Denver. We’ve already seen one former Super Bowl-winning quarterback go to Mile High and win big there. Now, Wilson has a chance to reinvent himself and prove he isn’t the reason that Seattle dropped off. He’s not a guy you want to go against so I won’t here. It seems like every year he starts as a top candidate for MVP before falling off. This might be a year he can bring it home.

Long shots

Derrick Henry +7500

What the hell are they going to do in Tennessee? Throw the ball? Henry probably has two or three good years left in him. If he rushes for another 2,000 yards and say… 20 all-around touchdowns, he could sneak in there and get MVP, especially if no QB really stands out.

Christian McCaffrey +15000

If he wasn’t injured so often I’d probably bet this one with a little more enthusiasm. Unfortunately, he is injured constantly. He’s got the talent to be a lead back and could produce a record-breaking season for most receiving and rushing yards by a running back if he stays on the field. In Carolina, I still expect him to get the ball early and often if he is available.


Allen (1u); Rodgers (.5u); Wilson (.5u); Burrow (.5u); Henry (.25u); McCaffrey (.25u)

Written by David Troy

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