There Seems To Be A Lot Of Confusion In The Pac-12 Conference Right Now

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The Pac-12 Conference is the most exciting reality show in college football right now.

Media rights are the single most important factor in the modern game, with program changing revenue at stake.

While most conferences have their deals locked up, the Pac-12 doesn’t. And it’s creating a ton of uncertainty around the future, especially with other conferences circling major programs.


One report on Wednesday from John Canzano seemed to signify that the programs were finally in alignment. He claimed that they had “finalized the conference’s Grant of Rights,” with negotations complete on “revenue sharing, sponsorship rights, etc.”

Sounds like progress, right?

Well apparently someone forgot to tell the president of one of the most important member institutions in the Pac-12.

According to Brett McMurphy, Arizona president Robert Robbins has no idea what Canzano is talking about.

McMurphy quoted Robbins, “I was asked about a tweet from one of the reporters: ‘the (Grant of Rights) deal w/the Pac-12 is done. Details to follow.’ My answer was, ‘I have not been informed about any information in this tweet.’ I’m looking forward to hearing from my own commissioner. Do we have a deal? I have been very confident we would all stay together in the Pac-10. I was confident we would get a deal. I don’t know exactly when (Pac-12 gets a deal), but I’d say it’s a matter of weeks.”

So, uh, what’s going on there?

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Will The Pac-12 Stick Together?

So is John Canzano right or is the University of Arizona president right?

You’d assume that if there was a deal agreed to between Pac-12 member institutions, he would know about it. But it’s unlikely that Canzano made the entire thing up.

It could just be that one of the other universities believes they’re closer to a deal than they actually are. Or that one AD or conference source got a bit too excited.

But as of now it’s hard to know if the Grant of Rights deal is actually done, seemingly securing the Pac-12’s future, or if there’s a long road ahead.

The lack of a media rights deal seems to still be a hold up to finalizing the conference’s arrangements regardless.

One thing is for certain though: no one in the Pac-12 really has any idea what’s going on.

Written by Ian Miller

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