Comedian Theo Von Catches Tennessee Coach Josh Heupel Completely Off Guard After UF Win, Hilariously Dumps Gatorade On His Head

It is not often that a head football coach gets a celebratory Gatorade bath after a regular season win in Week 4. Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel is one of those lucky few and it came from an unexpected culprit.

Stand-up comedian, podcaster and social media personality Theo Von is based out of the Southeast. He recently moved to Nashville and has adopted SEC fandom. Specifically, the 42-year-old was amongst those in attendance for Saturday’s game between Florida and Tennessee.

The Volunteers hosted the Gators on a special night in Knoxville. College GameDay was in town, the stadium was completely sold out, and the raucous fans partook in the famous ‘Checker Out.

To make things even more special, after holding off a late-second half comeback, the home team won its biggest game since 2016. It was absolute scenes from start to finish.

While a win of such caliber was a big deal for the program, it would not typically constitute a Gatorade bath for the coach. It was a game that the Vols were supposed to win. It was a conference foe early in the season.

However, Theo Von was at Tennessee and had a different idea about the Gatorade bath.

He and Caleb Pressley were on the sideline for the game. When the clock hit zero, they went on a mission.

The hilarious duo grabbed the first cooler that it could find, ran onto the field and began a search for Heupel. Once they found him, right as he went to shake Billy Napier’s hand, Von and Pressley drenched him in celebratory fashion.

In the moment, Heupel and the Sports Information Director at his side appeared to be pissed. In retrospect, when looking back, it will only add to the memories from the incredible evening.

I, for one, cannot think of another example like this. I cannot recall another time in which a coach was hit with a non-player Gatorade bath, meaning one that was not administered by a player or staffer. Truly hilarious. Truly legendary.

Written by Grayson Weir

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