Former NHL Player Theo Fleury Warns League ‘If You Go Woke, You Go Broke’

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Longtime NHL player and Olympic gold medalist Theo Fleury joined ‘Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich‘. He shared his thoughts about Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov not wearing a Pride-themed jersey.

Plenty of media members have attacked Provorov for citing his religion and faith for not wearing the Pride-themed jersey, while others see no issue with him making that personal decision.


Fleury warned the league about the woke path it continues to go down, and how grim the future may be for the NHL.

“It’s been disappointing from a former player perspective as to the road the NHL is going down and the path that they’re taking,” Theo Fleury told Dan Dakich. “We’ve all seen many, many examples of ‘if you go woke, you go broke’. And eventually I could see people stop buying tickets, stop buying jerseys, and not buying packages to watch games on TV.

“I can see they’re heading down a very dangerous road and a dangerous path. The only way these people pay attention is if you hit them in the wallet.”

Provorov and the Flyers returned to the ice on Thursday night against the Chicago Blackhawks, and things were business as usual.

The ‘controversy’ surrounding the Provorov ‘incident’ is the doing of the NHL itself and various members of the media who cover the league.

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Written by Mark Harris

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  1. Nazem Kadri was the first Muslim player to win the Stanley Cup, all these same “quit hiding behind religion” media douches were overjoyed when Kadri took the Cup to a mosque. Maybe they should ask Kadri what Islam thinks of homosexuality.

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