Woke Film Critic Warns Fat People Should Not Watch New Film Because of Dangerous Fatphobia

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Fat people should not watch the new film, “The Whale.”

These are the words of a film critic who says the movie could cause trauma for the fat.

“I can’t recommend in good conscience that fat people watch The Whale,” wrote Katie Rife, a critic for Rolling Stone and Vulture.

“[I]t reinforces the notion that fat people are objects of pity who have brought their suffering upon themselves through lack of coping skills.”

Rife decries that the film did not include any officially fat people during the production:

Got that, you absolute pricks?

We had to check to see if Rife is a real person. She is. It is, indeed, possible that some became this woke and pathetic.

In the film, Brendan Fraser portrays a depressed man who weighs over 600 pounds. Fraser dons a fat suit for the role.

The suit has also sparked great outrage. Other writers say the director of the film showed his fatphobia by casting a skinny man in a fat suit instead of an actual 600-pound actor.

Damn him. #Fatphobia.

While Rife is still tweeting as we speak, we expect her to next demand that all theaters put weight scales at the check-in to ensure no one above a certain weight could buy a ticket for “The Whale.”

Perhaps she’ll recommend that anyone close to the weight limit lose their ability to buy the $50  popcorn-soft drink combo.

Telling a fictitious tale of a fat man is not dangerous. It’s no more damning than the many films that sympathize with serial killers.

If a guy in a fat suit upsets moviegoers, they can go watch something else, like all those new movies that promote feminism.

The good news is that Katie Rife is not a respected critic. If this were a renowned critic, a comment of such could sink the box office. After all, a film cannot make it in the United States without the support of fat Americans.

It’s true, Americans are a bit husky.

Here’s a teaser for “The Whale.” Beware of the man in the suit:

Mehh. Skinny or fat, the movie doesn’t look too good.

Written by Bobby Burack

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