‘The View’: NFL Should ‘Hire Colin Kaepernick’ To Make Up for Jon Gruden’s Emails

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On Wednesday, an angry liberal talk program told the NFL it should “hire” Colin Kaepernick to make up for Jon Gruden’s emails from a decade ago. No, it wasn’t First Take, but The View, a program that’s as exclusive to the elites.

“If [the NFL] really wanna clean up their act, they should hire Colin Kaepernick,” said the always cringeworthy Joy Behar. “Why is he out of a job while all of this is going on?” 

Does she really want to know why? If so, it’s because Kaepernick was just a low-level NFL QB who got benched for Blaine Gabbert (who?). Between his lackluster performance on the field and the distractions off of it, Kaepernick’s upside does not outweigh his downside.

That’s the answer, Joy, if you were sincerely wondering. If not, Sunny Hostin’s answer will suffice.

According to Hostin, Kaepernick is out of the NFL because he “stood up for everything that I think that they wanted to keep hidden and because he stood up to the very culture that still exists in the NFL.”

If by “standing up to the NFL culture,” she means he knew his career had diminished and so created a brand for himself instead, sure.

Hostin, now speaking as a reporter, said Kaepernick told her recently that he’s “ready to take another football team to the Super Bowl today.”


If Kaepernick could still take a team to the Super Bowl, he’d have a job. He’d have multiple job offers, emphasis on the -s.

But he can’t. In reality, Kaepernick can’t take a team anywhere important. Meaning, Twitter isn’t important.

Later in the discussion, Behar asked a reasonable question. She wondered whether the NFL could “clean the palate” by hiring Kaepernick.

Now, that is a fair question and sadly, it’s plausible that doing so would assuage social media wrath. Because the outrage mob comes for everyone, each company and each individual is searching for a “get out of jail free” card. The NFL never received its badge. Thus, maybe the league could pay Kaepernick a bunch of money for a useless ambassador role to shield itself from weak accusations of racism. It worked for Nike.

At this point, are The View‘s sports takes more reasonable than First Take‘s?

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