‘The View’ Tipped Off Joe Biden’s Sister About Hunter Question

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The View tipped off President Biden’s sister Valerie Owens that one of the hosts had planned to ask her about Hunter Biden’s legal troubles.

Owens appeared on the show in April to promote the Biden “family dynamics” in her book, Growing Up Biden. And Vanity Fair reports that View co-hosts and producers thought that asking her about Hunter’s troubles was too much to throw at her without a warning ahead of time. 

And yet, guest-host Alyssa Farah Griffin still thought the tip came at too short of a notice. So instead, Farah audibled into asking Owens how President Biden should work with Republicans. 

“Owens—who’d been warned during a commercial of what Farah Griffin intended to ask—appear[ed] unprepared for the softball,” Vanity Fair writes. “At the next commercial break, Farah Griffin looks rattled by her own audible. [co-host Sunny] Hostin mouths to her, ‘It’s ok.'”

Explaining her decision to the outlet, Farah blamed the lack of segment time for the change. “I thought it would’ve been a bit cheap,’” she said, claiming Owens would not have had “time to properly answer.”

One could suggest asking about the most troubling subject of the book at the beginning of the segment to avoid such time constraints. But don’t you dare question the journalistic ethics on The View.

What Farah and the show did here is called media manipulation. Warning a guest about a hard question, giving her time to come up with a dodge, serves only the purpose of ensuring the viewers would not receive an authentic answer. 

This report better explains why public figures appear just on select few shows. They go on the programs with a host whom they can trust to not challenge them.

An interviewee has no interest in participating in a hard-hitting interview when options like The View exist.

Alyssa Farah hopes her assistance to the Biden family will earn her the permanent role as the token “conservative” on The View. Smart business move by her.

Written by Bobby Burack

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