The Real Wolf of Wall Street Talks Recession with Tomi Lahren

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Do Democrats WANT us to go into recession? The Wolf of Wall Street weighs in on the Dem’s dirty plan.

“I think the Democrats want to get us as close to socialism as possible, and they want to do it as rapidly as possible,” Tomi Lahren said. “I don’t think the Democrats care if we go into recession. In fact, I think that there are some especially the globalists, the elitist, the leftists.

“I think they want to see the United States plunge into a recession, because I think that that will bring about socialism faster for them and convince people to put more trust in government and more dependance on government,” Tomi continued. “Do you think they’re cheering for a recession? You think that that’s a possibility?”

While Jordan Belfort said Tomi’s theory makes sense, he also said it’s a very complex narrative because there’s two sides — specifically when it comes to voting.

“On some level I agree that what you’re saying makes sense and it could be so,” he said. “But also, in a recession, that’s going to be very, very problematic for them when people go to vote if the country’s doing poorly because people tend to vote along the lines of their pocketbook.”

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Belfort continued: “So while in theory, yes, they want to make us poorer and more dependent on government handouts and so forth, — where it’s like in Argentina, if you don’t buy my wife’s Argentinean in Argentina, it’s so bad that if you don’t vote for the right person, you don’t get your handout. Like they’ll stop giving your handout. You vote against the socialists.”

Here’s everything Tomi and Jordan Belfort had to say on Tomi Lahren is Fearless:

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