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The Real Life Philip Rivers

As Philip Rivers retires, I do not want to talk football accolades or debate his Hall of Fame credentials. I’d rather describe the real person that he is and how special he is behind the scenes.As the head team physician, I was lucky enough to be present in the 2004 draft room when the famous Eli Manning trade went down and the San Diego Chargers acquired Rivers. I have therefore known him since his first few moments with the team, and I have witnessed a unique side of him away from the public eye. When I left the team, he paid me the ultimate compliment, saying that I was more than a team doctor but “a Charger all the way.” Our relationship continued to grow over the years, and his retirement didn’t surprise me.Here are the top five aspects of Rivers and his character that I want to share. I believe each one makes him truly special:1. Football and familyThis is what his life is about. Though his time in the NFL is over, these two pillars of his life will continue. I don’t believe he will miss the NFL, as football will still be a big part of his life. […]



Written by Pro Football Doc

David Chao, MD -- known digitally as Pro Football Doc -- is an expert contributor for Outkick. Chao spent 17 seasons as the team doctor for the San Diego Chargers (1997-2013) and is part of the medical team at OASIS in San Diego where he treats and specializes in orthopedic sports injuries, working with high-profile professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB.