The Person Who Stole Lady Gaga’s Dog Is Now Suing Her Because She Didn’t Get The Reward Money For Returning It

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Human beings are quite something. Just when you think you’ve heard and seen everything, there’s always one more thing.

How about this one for a nice refreshing Saturday.

One of the accomplices that stole Lady Gaga’s dogs a few years ago, is now suing the singer for the $500,000 reward that she never received. Yes, that’s right. The person who literally plead no contest to having knowledge related to the dognapping scheme, still wants the reward money. Can’t make it up.

The LAPD telling TMZ Sports that Jennifer McBride was “more than aware,” of the dognapping plot and had known the suspects for years. She reportedly dated the father of one of the men arrested for the robbery and was aware that the dogs were stolen.

Ryan Fischer appearing with Lady Gaga’s dogs. (Instagram)


In 2021, Gaga’s dogwalker and assistant Ryan Fischer was approached by two armed men while walking three of the pop singer’s bulldogs in Los Angeles. Several people jumped out of a car, approached him and stole two of the three dogs, while also shooting Fischer.

Gaga went public soon afterwards and said she would give the $500,000 award to anyone who returned her pups, with “no questions asked.”

A few days later, McBride turned the dogs into the LAPD, claiming that she found them. However, investigators soon saw through her fabricated story and called her out on it. She was eventually arrested with 4 other people for the dognapping and was arrested for accessory attempted murder. In December of 2022 she plead no contest to a less charger of one count of receiving stolen property and was sentenced to two years of probation.

McBride thought she could have it both ways. She thought she could be a part of the actual crime, while then becoming a crime solver.


Despite her involvement, McBride still wants to get paid.

According to court documents, McBride is suing Gaga for $1.5 million over claims she was “defrauded,” by “making a promise without intent to perform.” McBride says that she suffered the usual BS that comes in money-hungry lawsuits. Ya know, the “pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of employment of life as a result of not having the $500,000.”

Maybe she doesn’t have a job because ya know, she was involved in a scheme TO STEAL LADY GAGA’S BULLDOGS of all things. And then got caught trying to pull a fast one over the cops before actually thinking she could get the reward money.

It’s almost laughable how absurd McBride is with her financial demand. It’s almost like a “well, I’m screwed now let me try and at least get some sort of financial compensation.”

There has been no public comment from Lady Gaga regarding the lawsuit.

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