The Paige VanZant Of Poland Is Set To Make Her MMA Return Next Month

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Polish MMA fighter Kamila Smogulecka, aka Zusje, hasn’t had a professional fight in several months now. She’s instead focused on her social media game where she continues to put up some really impressive numbers.

Zusje has grown her TikTok following to an incredible 8.1 million followers. Add that to her more than 3.6 million Instagram followers and she’s building quite the social media empire.

Poland's Paige VanZant
Kamila Smogulecka aka Zusje

The last time she was in a fight was in June at High League 3. She lost a unanimous decision to Aniela Bogusz in a Lethwei, or Burmese boxing fight. The last time she fought in an MMA fight was last November, which was a unanimous decision win over Marta Rentel.

Zusje is set to make her return to MMA next month on Nov. 26. She’ll be part of a co-main event fight for Prime MMA. Her opponent is Monika “Esmerelda” Godlewska.

She’s Called Poland’s Paige VanZant For A Reason

The Prime 4 co-main event is Zusje’s first fight for Prime. She previously fought for Fame MMA and when she enters this fight against Godlewska it will have been more than a year since her last mixed martial arts fight.

She’s 2-2 in MMA and 2-3 in her professional fighting career. As for Godlewska, she’s 0-2 in her fighting career and hasn’t fought since 2019.

Zusje hasn’t just been working on growing her social media following and creating OnlyFans content during her break. She’s been working on her music career as well.

At the end of the day it’s going to be the brand she’s building on social media that will feed everything else. Her huge following is going to help her get some favorable matchups. All she has to do is handle her business.

Written by Sean Joseph

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