The Paige Spiranac Of ER Nurses, Kim Schiele, Offers Up Her Services To An Injured Soccer Player

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Tough times call for tough people. If those tough times come in the form of an injured player on your favorite soccer team, a hot nurse might be a better option than to try to tough it out. That’s where Kim Schiele comes in.

Over the weekend, Dortmund defender Nico Schlotterbeck went down with an injury. Adding insult to the injury is the fact that the result of the game knocked Dortmund out of the top spot in the Bundesliga.

The Paige Spiranac Of ER Nurses, Kim Schiele, Offers Up Her Services To An Injured Soccer Player
World’s No. 1 ranked ER nurse influencer (Image Credit: Kim Schiele/Twitter & Instagram)

They’ll be without Schlotterbeck, who has played in all of Dortmund’s 37 games this season, for the foreseeable future. The team reported that he suffered a muscle fiber tear.

“The diagnosis is now confirmed: the 23-year-old suffered a muscle fiber tear with tendon involvement in Munich and will therefore not be at BVB’s disposal for the time being,” Dortmund said.

I’m no doctor, but that doesn’t sound great. You don’t want the word “tear” in any medical diagnosis involving an athlete. If there’s anything you can do to help speed recovery you do it.

The world’s No. 1 ranked ER nurse influencer, and the sexiest Borussia Dortmund fan, might just be what the doctor ordered. A Dortmund fan seems to think so and has been called upon Kim to help out the injured player.

Like the hero influencer she is, she didn’t hesitate to offer up her medical services to the injured player. She responded, dressed and ready to go, “The faster he returns, the better. When he wants.”

Kim Is In A League Of Her Own

That’s a nurse who is ready for action at the drop of a hat. She’s scrubbed up and got some meds on deck. All she needs is word from Schlotterbeck and he’s one step closer to returning to action.

This is an opportunity you have to take full advantage of. Kim is on standby, ready to go. Obviously going above and beyond your average fan. As one does when their a true No. 1 influencer. The ball’s in Schlotterbeck’s court.

Back in March, it was plain to see that there were big things to come from Kim as a nurse influencer. The comparisons to Paige Spiranac aren’t handed out to just anyone.

Fast-forward a month and the stunning blonde has added almost 100k followers to her Instagram account. She went from an impressive 346k plus to 424k and some change. Those are the kinds of jumps you take note of and you take very seriously.

Kim has something brewing here that could go far beyond the world of nursing or soccer. That’s already, correctly, been noted by the OutKick Culture Department.

There’s an unquestioned talent level here that will have to be closely monitored. She’s taking those baby steps towards a monster run.

We’ll be watching closely as those follower numbers creep towards 500k then a million.

Written by Sean Joseph

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