The NY Times Publishes Rather Interesting COVID Data For Those Under 50 & Kids Under 18

Coronabros under 50 who are still freaked out by the UFC packing an arena and the Texas Rangers filling up a ballpark for Opening Day sure couldn’t have liked the data published Sunday in the New York Times that shows those under 50 are more likely to die by suicide than COVID. And those coronabros with children who’ve been freaking out about their kids playing with other kids and enjoying a normal life really aren’t going to like what senior writer David Leonhardt presented in his opinion piece.

“About twice as many children drown in a typical year as have died from Covid-19 over the past year. About five times as many die in vehicle accidents,” Leonhardt wrote in his piece that appeared in Sunday’s print edition. “If protecting children from small but real risks of serious harm were society’s top goal, keeping children away from pools and cars would probably have a bigger effect than isolating them in coming months.”

Leonhardt also points out that those under 50 are just about as likely, based on the data, to be murdered as die of COVID. The coronabros will counter with “masks are saving us!” and “variants, variants, variants!” and “kids will have lung problems for life!!!” and say that Leonhardt is some conservative lunatic who hates kids, liberals and is going to get kids killed.

Hey libs, Leonhardt is not exactly a conservative worshipping at the feet of Trump. Let’s go to the tweets and see what Leonhardt has written in the past.

As for those long-term effects that the coronabros and sisters preach about that have turned their children into zombies, the New York Times writer has some news for those parents.

“For children, the evidence so far does not offer much reason for alarm about Covid-19’s long-term effects. They are much less likely than adults to contract virtually every worrisome version or symptom of the disease,” Leonhardt writes.

The other big news here for the parents out there turning their kids into zombies is that their kids are more likely to die from the flu than COVID. Imagine that fact raging through coronaparent brains today while at work. Many of these kids will never leave the house again.

Meanwhile, UNICEF says schools for 168 million children around the world have been closed for a year. One in seven kids have missed more than three-quarters of their in-person learning, UNICEF reported in March.

“School closures have devastating consequences for children’s learning and wellbeing. The most vulnerable children and those unable to access remote learning are at an increased risk of never returning to the classroom, and even being forced into child marriage or child labor,” the agency said in a press release.

In New York City, 582,000 students (61%) are still doing remote learning, and teachers tell the Wall Street Journal students won’t come back to classrooms until remote learning is cut off by administration officials.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Clay has explained this. The NY Times writes what its readers want to hear. Last year they wanted to read that Trump was doing a horrible job along with Republican governors. Now they are tired of their children and grandchildren not being in school and missing activities so the Times can write this. Sometimes the facts will line up with what the readers want.

  2. Open up the country already. This is bullshit. What can you do with your unvaccinated kids? ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people.

    I’m over 50, unvaccinated and have no plans to get vaccinated. I will take my chances. I am not a fat ass with no uncontrolled health issues. We need to start suing the shit out of gvts, schools and businesses.

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