The ‘Midterm’ Covid Strain Is Upon Us: Tomi Lahren is Fearless

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When it comes to endless masking and vaxxing toddlers, Dr. Janette Nesheiwat says it’s time to return to sanity.

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  1. I like most of what she said but there are several things she’s wrong on. Masks don’t work. They never have and it was a well known fact, well, before Covid when they ignored all of the previous studies and public health policies.

    She also ascribes to the BS narrative that the Vaxx saves lives. Show me the comparison of jabbed people vs the control group. I’ll wait……and I’ll wait forever. This is a common Fauci led NIH tactic to obscure the real efficacy of drugs in his trials (which he and his cronies make money from). They give the control group the drug so no comparison can be made. They cannot show any real data to back their claim.

    I understand she has to tread lightly since the communist medical community is controlled by the NIH, CDC and the drug companies. But that’s where the problem is and it needs a complete overhaul.

    Our doctors all need to stand up and call bullshit on all of this. Where are their morals and their commitment to the hypocritical oath, because by being silent, they are doing harm.

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