The LIV Tour’s Party Plane Looks Like An Incredible Way To LIV It Up

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I completely understand you’re sick and tired of LIV Tour posts, but, because I’ve spent nearly 15 years blogging on the Internet, I know you want to see how the players are LIVing now that they have that Saudi golf league money.

You loved MTV Cribs back in the day. You click on Athlete Real Estate posts that I pump out. And now you’re here to see inside the private jet that is flying LIV Tour players and caddies — and wives/girlfriends — around the world while burning through that Saudi jet fuel, that Saudi liquor bill, and that Saudi food tab.

Yep, these guys are LIVing large.



Pat Perez definitely not my favourite golfer, this is the @livgolfinv jet!!! #insane #livgolf 😍😍😍😍😳😳😳#golf

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@livgolfinv jet for the players and caddies!! #wow #livgolf #golf #jet

♬ original sound – michaelfarley1976

Instagram aviation experts say this is a Boeing 777-200. It’s unclear if this is from Saudi’s fleet of 777s — they reportedly ordered seven 777-300s in May to fly freight — and it doesn’t matter, but it’s interesting to see these monster planes that are now flying guys around with the intended purpose of crushing the PGA Tour.

The political nerds have their eyes on Russia-Ukraine while those of us who love sports, partying and fun are at full attention when the LIV Tour plane is pumping “We Are The Champions” through the speaker system and Pat Perez is walking around looking for someone to congratulate him on securing a monster bag of cash.

Rory McIlroy can scold the young golfers who took the LIV money all he wants, but there are very few early 20-somethings who are turning down crushing vodka cranberries on a pimped-out freight plane to slum it in a Buick driving between Illinois and Kentucky.

LIVing the crazy life with Dustin Johnson walking around ignoring Perez while Brooks and Jena chat on a jumbo jet with an open bar or Cracker Barrel stops on the way across America?

The 30 for 30 on this era of professional golf better be a 45-part series.

I want the DVD box set.

LIV Tour private jet for players caddies
(Left) Pat Perez thanking the golf gods for hitting the LIV mother lode while (right) Brooks Koepka and wife Jena Sims enjoy a quiet night on the road / TikTok

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