‘The Last Of Us’ Star Pedro Pascal Reveals Significant Season 2 Update

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It sounds like fans might not have to wait terribly long for season two of “The Last of Us.”

The hit HBO series about a virus destroying planet has just two episodes left in season one. Episode seven – the weakest one so far in an otherwise exceptional run – aired this past Sunday, and episode eight drops this weekend.

“The Last of Us” has been outstanding so far. (Credit: HBO)

With just a pair of episodes left, everyone’s attention is starting to turn to season two. Most importantly, when might it arrive? Judging from a recent comment from star Pedro Pascal, it might not be as far off as fans think.

“In the year 2023? What season is it now? We’re getting into spring? Yes, there’s a chance,” Pascal responded when asked if season two will film in 2023.

“The Last of Us” is a huge hit.

If you’re not already watching “The Last of Us,” you’re missing out in a huge way. As OutKick readers know, we have very high standards around here for TV excellence.

We don’t just give shows a thumbs up around here without a lot of thought going into it. Whether it’s “Yellowstone,” “1923,” “Succession” or something else, we take it seriously.

That’s how you know when we say “The Last of Us” is excellent, we mean it. The show has been an absolutely monster hit. It’s dark, gritty and insanely fun. Ever since the premiere, it hooked fans in and never let go.

When will “The Last of Us” season two start? (Credit: HBO)

Pascal’s comments offer hope of a fan-friendly season two timeline.

The biggest concern with shows like “The Last of Us” is that the post-production takes a ton of time. Let’s take “Stranger Things” for example. It was three years between seasons three and four. Granted, COVID played a role in that, but it takes time.

Season five of “Stranger Things” definitely won’t be out before 2024. It could be another large gap between seasons. If season two of “The Last of Us” starts shooting in the fall, it could be out summer 2024. All things considered, that’s not a terribly huge gap.

Fans can stomach that. We might not love it, but we can stomach it.

“The Last of Us” is appointment television. (Credit: HBO)

If you’re not already following along with “The Last of Us” and checking out all of OutKick’s great content from the show, today is a great day to start. OutKick’s Alejandro Avila has been a monster on the reviews, and we’ll have plenty more coming.

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