‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 6 Preview Is Incredibly Sinister

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It looks like things will only continue to get dark on “The Last of Us.”

The sixth episode of the hit HBO series will air this upcoming Sunday night after episode five dropped Sunday.

As expected, things were incredibly chaotic and crazy in episode five as Ellie and Joel continued to fight to safety.

“The Last of Us” will air episode six this upcoming Sunday night. Episode five came out early Friday. (Credit: HBO)

I won’t spoil anything here, but there should be a full review at some point in the very near future on OutKick.

“The Last of Us” will only get crazier moving forward.

With just four episodes left, it’s fair to assume things will only get wilder from here. The preview for episode six indicates Joel will successfully link back up with his brother, but things might be far from rosy.

In fact, it appears like things might not be what they appear and people should be trusted, which is a familiar theme.

HBO has successfully made another huge hit.

Through five episodes, “The Last of Us” has been a monster success for HBO. Fans can’t get enough of the post-apocalyptic thriller.

The ratings have been outrageous. Episode four had more than 7.5 million viewers in the initial data, and the first couple episodes averaged north of 20 million viewers once the streaming data rolled in. It’s a gigantic hit, and the numbers rival that of “House of the Dragon” and “Yellowstone.”

“The Last of Us” continues to put up monster ratings on HBO. People love the show with Pedro Pascal. (Credit: HBO)

If you’re not already watching, now is a great time to start. Episode six drops Sunday, and we’ll be locked in with the best coverage here at OutKick. Make sure to keep following along.

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