The LAPD Has Some Trouble Locating A Suspect Who…IS RIGHT THERE! Not That Way…HE’S RIGHT THERE!

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Like football fans yelling through their televisions that the tight end was wide open over the middle for a touchdown or basketball fans yelling at the point guard for missing a cutting teammate with an easy layup, the crew at Good Day L.A. had themselves a morning.

SkyFox was in the air and tracking a suspect being chased by the LAPD live on air when cops had trouble locating the suspect who was RIGHT THERE(!!!!) next to where the cops parked their SUVs.

But, as we all know, it’s much easier to play quarterback or be a cop from in front of your television, or in this case in the sky above L.A. in a chopper.

LAPD goes wrong way police chase
The LAPD has trouble locating a suspect while Good Day L.A.’s studio crew goes nuts / via Good Day LA

After looking all over for their guy, and help from the Good Day L.A. studio crew cheering them on, the officers finally looked behind the 4-cylinder car where the bad guy was just hoping they would move along even as a police chopper was locked in on him.

As expected, noted lib lib criminal Rex Chapman thought this video was a knee-slapper.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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