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The results are in and Rihanna’s halftime show wasn’t universally praised by the Internet like all the blue checkmarks would like you to believe. While Good Morning America, the Today Show, CBS Mornings were gushing over pregnant Rihanna standing on a stage (allegedly) lip-synching her songs, many across this incredible country were busy calling the halftime show pure trash.

OutKick’s David Hookstead was one of those who was completely outraged over what he was witnessing from Glendale, Arizona during the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show. Hookstead and millions of other Americans tune into the halftime show to see…a show.

They say that didn’t happen Sunday night.

In a shocking twist, the wokes at Bill Simmons’ Ringer seemed to somewhat agree with the assessement that this was a completely underwhelming performance and not becoming of what we’ve been used to with the Super Bowl halftime.

“Yes, her set exuded the calm coolness she’s known for. Yes, she revealed she’s pregnant again. And yes, the whole performance was just fine,” The Ringer said in a subhed for Rob Harvilla’s analysis where he wrote that “there was a copious amount of lip-synching, gracefully and gleefully undisguised.”

Harvilla further writes that the performance “was fine. Just: fine. It’s fine that it was merely fine.”

Over at the New York Times, John Caramanica didn’t seem overwhelmed with the performance.

“It served as something of a placeholder. She’d come to perform, yes. But she also has more pressing things to attend to,” Caramanica writes.

But, remember, you and Donald Trump are terrible people if you didn’t bow down and praise that performance with every fiber of your social media being.

Let’s go to the reactions:

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