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There are things that make me happy, and then there’s an email from Team Jersey saying they’re in for the Put-In-Bay Invitational

Have you ever had one of those moments where it takes like 30 seconds to know if you’re going to like a group of people. There I was last summer on Put-In-Bay in my wife’s soccer van absolutely LOADED with the Two-Club Invitational gear and my buddy Bellino & his best friend Gian in one of the kid’s seats behind the passenger seat. We were hunting for this group of Screencaps readers I’d never met before and hadn’t even seen a photo of before.

And then I saw this group of four guys who just looked like they were from Jersey. So I said, “Hey, are you guys from Jersey?”






Seriously, 30 seconds in, I knew these guys were not only just great guys, but they understood us as well. They understood the world Screencaps is trying to reach. They’d seen things. Three of the Jersey crew are my dad’s age and one is Mick C.’s early 30s son.

Wednesday, I received an email from Mick saying Team Jersey IS BACK and they’ll be on the island yet again for the festivities. And with that, I’m officially making this at least a two-day work trip and it might end up a three-day trip, which is way too long for the body, but screw it.

So, if you’re thinking of making the trip to PIB on July 8-9, it sounds like we officially have a Screencaps Summit 2022.

New TNML products – Layin’ Stripes!

The TNML shop grew by two products this morning with the introduction of the TNML re-useable Solo® cups and the ‘Layin Stripes’ 2022 TNML shirt.

Get your gear, show it off, take photos, tag, tag, tag.

The idea this year is that you have a league jersey. Now you need that if you know, you know shirt where TNML starts to take on its own life without having to spell it out for people. The mower and the dad shoes live on, but now we start to branch into what this is all about. It’s that shirt you wear on weekends while having patio beers and relaxing in the most comfortable shirt on the planet.

On summer events to experience

• Dan B. in Washington writes:

You asked for ideas that have turned into pure gold for community events. I live in the small
Eastern Washington town of Ritzville. Several years ago a group of guys was sitting in a local tavern watching ESPN, and they were giving the results of an Ironman triathlon. Someone said, joking, “we should start our own version with three events old fat guys can do.”

Short version, for a few decades the Ritzville Triathlon has flourished as a “who cares” sporting event (usually about 100 participants) featuring trap shooting (in the morning before beer takes over), Six holes of golf and originally two lines of bowling (replaced last year by cornhole because our bowling alley is closed). Google Ritzville Triathlon and you’ll get an article about the event from the Spokane Spokesman Review.

Erik F. writes that The World Championship Dainty should be on the list of events to experience this summer:

Here you go, the Holy Grail.  Watch video at link below.  Easy drive down to Louisville.  Louisville also hosts a horse race annually but the name escapes me.

“Ok, here’s my attempt to explain the game of Dainty: it’s sort of like a stickball home run derby, but there’s no ball… instead you take your stick and hit a much smaller, sharper stick. You have to be at least 45 years old to play. And there’s a lot of beer and bologna sandwiches. “

• Brandon C. in Pinckney, MI writes:

Everyone know that adult hockey tournaments are, to quote Obi Wan Kenobi, “a wretched hive of scum and villany”, but have you heard of the sport of broomball and the national tournaments associated with it? Think a combination of street hockey and pond hockey played by a co-ed combination of former hockey players and golfers with uncureable slices from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio (Cincinnati is a broomball hub), and Canada meeting up for three days of non-skating competition with HEAVY drinking involved.

And did I mention it’s heavily Co-ed? You’ll get semi-professional teams from Minnesota with guys who chop lumber by day competing in hardest shot competitions where with a modified lacrosse sticks and hitting essentially a frozen dodgeball at about 100 mph… I played on the 2000-2001 National Collegiate Champion Univ of Michigan club broomball team in college and went on to start leagues in Dayton and Cincinnati where I ended up meeting players from other colleges in Upstate New York, Miami (OH), Minnesota, and even Colorado… it’s a lot of fun and one of those non-traditional sports with comradery among all the players while still celebrating competition between the teams.

You should check it out.. check out for some info on equipment, tournament locations and schedules and other info. 

• Joe H. has a suggestion for Thanksgiving weekend:

Hey Joe I’m getting way out ahead on this!  You asked for some road travel ideas for Fox – trying to get you a banger that stays close to home for Thanksgiving. 

We have a “Turkey Bowl” in Medina Ohio that raises a half million for charity every year.  It’s called the Meadows Turkey Bowl.  Mike Meadows is on copy (I didn’t ask his permission lol).  There’s only 40 guys that play.  It’s insane. We ask our friends and family to help.  Some of the Guys raise as much as  $30k  The Tough Guy of the game gets an old Tommy Vardell wristband.  

It all started with passing a hat 20 years ago.   I got an “invite” about 10 years ago to this exclusive club.  It’s been an awesome thing for me to experience .  I was thinking guys would be inspired and maybe start a version of their own. 

• Bradley M. in Birmingham, AL writes:

Wanted to put one in front of you that we started last year – Birmingham (Alabama)’s music and tech festival, called Euphonious. Out on a multi-million-dollar newly-renovated lawn at the Birmingham Zoo. Thousands of folks enjoying live music.  Check it out. If you decide you want to come down this way, we’d love to host you.


Look at the fine print…video game experience. You have my interest Bradley and I don’t even play video games. As someone who has thrown exactly ONE video game event over his career, I have to say that this is the future of events. It’s just a matter of scaling it for the sponsors. Look at those who are onboard with Bradley’s event.

I’m jealous and I have questions for Bradley. His email goes straight into the saved column.

• Rob M. in Sarasota writes:

Hello from the free state of Florida. If you are looking for a great event to attend, you have to come to the Annual Swamp Buggy Races in Naples Florida (Google Swamp Buggy Races Naples). It’s the only place in the world these are held 3 times a year ( November, January and March).

It’s a bunch of guys (and women, I feel this is a safe place to identify women as just that, women) who have created some of the most ridiculous vehicles on the face of God’s green earth. They race around a track that is filled with water called the Mile O Mud.

It is an oval track with two deep holes in it ( approx. 5 feet deep) that they must navigate. There are multiple classes to which you can compete, Jeeps, air cooled and the big boys modified V8 ( these V8’s, some of them with 1000 HP get around a mile of water in about 54 seconds). It is a two day event with plenty of campfires, Busch Lite, Keystone Light and Natty’s being consumed. It draws a great crowd and there are beer booths and vendors everywhere. Add in the fact that it is held in the winter in Florida and you have a great event. It is true Florida, held right on the edge of the Everglades and is a must see for anyone in the area during race weekend.

If you are coming, let me know, I can get you into one of the Jeeps during a race, they have two seats in them ( because, why not?) and you can get some great content and the Go Pro video of your ride. Bring a change of clothes, you will be submerged in water up to your neck in the First hole. Keep up the great work, I look forward to you Screencaps every day.


Excellent idea from Rob. THIS is exactly what I need to experience and I like two things here: they hold these in January and March when my dad is in Naples/Marco for the winter. Thank you for putting this on my radar.

On battery-powered mowers

• Mig, who has transitioned, writes:

I know this is a hot topic and I wanted to weigh in.  After destroying the environment for years with my gas guzzling, smoke belching mowers, weed whackers, and blowers, I committed to destroying the environment by burying dead lithium ion batteries in my back yard.  

After a full season of battery mower usage I am fully committed.  After downsizing from keeping 3 acres mowed I now have 1/3 acre according to the auditors website.  Below are my pro battery mower bullet points…  The only con is telling TNML members I use a battery mower.

  • It’s like pushing a toy.  I can mow the ditch with one arm.
  • If you have a small lawn it’s great.  20″ cut takes me 45 minutes.  Never run out of battery.
  • If you have a large lawn that needs mower trimming it’s perfect.  Light weight and maneuverable. 
  • No winterizing or spring tune ups.  I sharpened the blade with a Dremel and didn’t have to take the blade off.
  • Gas does not leak out if you turn it upside down.
  • Stopping the engine mid mow is not an issue.  Dog bone in the way?  Stop and start in an instant.
  • The motor actually powers up when I run over sticks and rocks.  I was surprised with this.
  • Wife does not have to ask me to start it.
  • No hearing protection needed.

Not saying it’s great for all mowing needs but definitely a great tool for the right application.


Let’s hear from Tim in Germantown, TN, who writes:

Thought I’d jump in on battery powered lawn mower discussion. I took the plunge last spring and could not be more pleased. I’ve got the Kobalt 80 volt max, one battery gives me plenty of time to cut the front and back, medium size front and large back. My dad and uncle think I’ve been drinking Al Gore’s Kool-Aid, but actually it’s more efficient, cleaner, folds up and stores nicely. In the attached picture from last year, Gus gives his approval. Billy Beane said it best “adapt or die”.


Who else has transitioned? I need to hear about your new life with that battery-powered mower. I want to know if you still feel the energy running through your body after a battery-powered mow. Let’s dive into the emotions of gas-powered vs. battery-powered. Is this transition related to lowering testosterone? One of you has thought about the science of this stuff.

Moving along…

That North Dakota blizzard has moved out

• Matt R. in Dickinson, ND has been sending in updates and it looks like he’s been doing some serious digging:

Last update on the spring blizzard because everyone gets it, it snows a lot here. The sun finally came out for a little while on Thursday and I was able to move some snow. I was able to see my front door for the first time in almost 3 days and was less that thrilled to find it predictably buried. Snow plows are making their rounds but haven’t made it to our neighborhood yet. Maybe Friday! If we don’t get out of the house soon I may have to start writing a novel, All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy.

And with that, let’s get rolling. I have meetings and a TNML post to publish.

Have a nice Easter weekend with family.


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  1. I take issue with the Propane-Ant Removal technique… you can’t pump propane into the ground, light it and have it explode. There needs to be a combination of oxygen and propane to get that reaction (in the correct ratio) — I never saw how/if the oxygen/air was injected. ANYONE who owns a gas stove knows that when it “ticks” but doesn’t light, you have too rich of a propane mix and you simply have to blow on it (add oxygen) to get it to light.

    Pumping Propane into the ground might allow a small flame on the surface (where the propane meets air), so I have problems with this video. Although, I’m not going out back to test my stoichiometry…

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