The Homeless Own Los Angeles EV Charging Station Turf

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In the latest piece of cesspool content to come out of California, we get to see how the electric vehicle community is out of luck if it wants to charge a car on one Los Angeles street. The property now belongs to the homeless who’ve overrun a series of charging stations with their junk, filth and despair.

Conservative commentator Alexandra Datig had her camera rolling this week as she passed by a Blink charging station where it would take nearly FOUR hours to charge your Tesla S-model from 20% to 80%, according to Blink’s handy calculator.

There’s a 0.0% chance of an EV owner getting out of his/her Tesla S and plugging in for FOUR hours let alone the 20 minutes it would take to add 5% to the battery charge.

Los Angeles Blink EV charging station. / via Alexandra Datig

“When you live in Los Angeles, it’s better to have a charging station at home for that $60,000 EV. The closer you get to downtown, the charging stations have homeless ‘attendants’ who live on the same sidewalk as the stations,” Datig wrote on Twitter.

From the look of things, she’s not wrong.

In February, KTLA reported that a $1.2 billion program to solve Los Angeles’ homeless problem, and championed by politicians, was expected to come in at around $837,000 to build a single unit. At that point, L.A.’s homeless population was at 41,000. As of September, officials say it’s now nearing 70,000.

And so now you have the homeless building housing amongst the EV charging stations.

What happens to cars sitting at EV charging stations? Let’s take a look:

This EV charging station homeless encampment thing isn’t even new. In 2021, Twitter user Edmund Dantes showed people what EV charging stations looked like. Now we’re heading into 2023 and the EV community appears to still be having trouble pulling into their service stations without rubbing elbows with the mentally ill and/or drug addicts.

Looks like the government types have things under control. Now go out and get your electric vehicle and equip your house to keep that thing charged up, especially if you plan on driving to work in Los Angeles.

Good luck.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. That’s hilarious and well deserved for a state which has virtue signalling at the top of its political agenda. I don’t know about the rush to nett zero but Newsom has certainly shown nett zero economic acumen, as the largest migration since the gold rush has people leaving the state in vehicles which can get them more than 5 miles up the road!
    Congratulations Gavin, your state is officially Californicated! Now to take your virtue national, onwards and downwards!

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