Upcoming Movie About The World’s Greatest Beer Run During The Vietnam War Looks Incredible

“The Greatest Beer Run Ever” looks like it’s going to be a must-watch film.

The movie with Zac Efron, Bill Murray and Russell Crowe tells the insane true story of Chick Donohue sneaking into Vietnam for one simple reason.

He wanted to deliver beer to all his friends bringing hell to the communists on the battlefield in 1967. Yes, that actually happened, and the first preview for the movie looks amazing.

Seriously, could this movie look any better? Let’s run down a quick checklist of what the movies involves:

  1. Beer
  2. A guy going out of his way to support the troops in an active war zone
  3. An adrenaline filled adventure
  4. Beer (again)
  5. Probably a few lessons about what the guys went through in Vietnam.

If all that doesn’t amp you up to watch “The Greatest Beer Run Ever,” I’m just going to have to assume you cheered for the Soviet Union during the Miracle on Ice game.

“The Greatest Beer Run Ever” tells an incredible true story from the Vietnam War. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqxziDlZOIo)

No matter what your thoughts are on the war in Vietnam, we should all be able to agree that a guy sneaking over there to bring his friends beer is about as epic as it gets.

When does “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” come out? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqxziDlZOIo)

Most people talk about doing big things, and then stay glued to their couches. Chick Donohue actually did it in real life.

Seriously, I don’t want to spoil anything here, but look up his life story and the details of his beer run to Vietnam. To call it badass doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Now, Donahue’s story will be brought to all of America thanks to Apple.

Trailer released for “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” with Zac Efron. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqxziDlZOIo)

You can catch “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” starting September 30. It looks like it’s going to be an epic ride.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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