The Coronabros Are Targeting College Football Because They’ve Lost Every Other Battle

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The Coronabros in sports media — with Darren Rovell leading the charge — are now focused on college football almost exclusively.

That’s because the following sports have already started or will be started by August:

The MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, NBA, UFC, Boxing, NASCAR, WNBA, the NWSL, the PBA, the PGA, and the Indy 500.

All of them are going on.  How can all of these leagues be playing but college football can’t be playing?

Tomorrow, there are going to be up to 30,000 NASCAR fans at Bristol in Tennessee.

And without fans present, we can’t play college football?  This is lunacy of the highest order and magnitude.

The fact that no one is questioning why college football is being held to a different standard than every other sport doesn’t make sense.

This is about the Coronabros in sports media who have realized they’ve lost every other sport.

The WNBA is playing. The WNBA has five fans in all of America and they’ve come back to play.

And you’re telling me that the second most popular sport in America — college football — can’t be played?

All of these other sports have figured out how to do it and we can’t do college football?

The risk to college athletes is lower than them driving to campus. They are more likely to be struck by lightning.

Even the Coronabros don’t have a strong argument when you ask them why college football players under greater danger on a college campus than they would be in an apartment, condo, or homes with their parents.

They have access every day to testing and medical professionals.  It’s far more likely that they would be sick off-campus.

You cannot eliminate all risk from life. That is a futile standard.

I almost tripped going down the stairs the other morning near my home office.

I went to the bathroom and I was trying to pull up my pants and I had a mishap. I got caught on the fly. Thankfully, my foot and not my penis.

I almost went tumbling down the stairs and I thought to myself that I almost could have died trying to put on my pants too close to the staircase.

I almost killed myself putting on my pants too close to the staircase when I stumbled.

People die in dumb ways all the time. They die in unlikely ways all the time.

You can’t eliminate all risk but it is important to assess risk when it comes to your behavior.

If you are a college athlete, you are more likely to die of the flu.

And last year, if I were to tell you that we needed to stop playing college football because there are too many people getting sick from the flu I would have been laughed at.

Yet, there are more people of college age every year who die of the flu and we don’t cancel anything — yet we are doing it for the coronavirus? Lunacy.

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  1. Coronabros carry water for repressive regimes, like China, that murder their own citizens and suppress free speech, while using American free speech to promote China and criticize American institutions.

  2. Clay,

    I’m with you 100%, but the majority of people are buying the Fear Porn like it’s their last chance to buy water, bread and milk before a hurricane or snow storm.

    33 labs in FL have been caught cooking the books on testing results, overstating positives by up to 90%! But it’s not going to matter to the scardy cats. They’re hooked on the fear porn.

    I wish I could be optimistic that people are going to see through all this, but the number of masked idiots I see everywhere around me tell me it’s a lost cause.

    • OK, not trying to be a dick about this, nor do I remember my math real well, it’s been nearly 50 years since I’ve been in a math class but as I remember stats, understating something by 9 times the true number is 900% not 90%. The report you refer to, if I’m correct, shows a 98% positive rate whereas the true test rate was like 9.4%. That’s a 900% over reporting. It makes the number look almost impossible though.

  3. Coronabros are those kids from High School who never understood or liked sports. So this is their way of destroying sports. But what they forget is how much sports mean in Small college towns which drives their economy.

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