Clay Vs. Karen Rovell Boils Over After Karen Starts Rooting For Corona – Again

Karen Rovell is at it again. All it takes for Special K to get aroused is a steamy hot corona quote from SEC commish Greg Sankey that “we have see a change in public health trends” to make everyone comfy to play college football in the fall. Of course Clay is going to engage with his old friend Rovell and rekindle a battle that has been raging this summer. What’s the best feud on the Internet these days: is it Clay vs. Karen?

Blue checkmarks see football as their final fight before November. While MLS, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, UFC, NBA, boxing, the PGA and even women’s professional soccer have returned or will over the next three weeks, football is that blue checkmark grand prize and nothing will stand in the way of Karen and his band of checkmarks as they fight like hell to spread fear to the masses.

We’ve even reached the point where Karen is talking long-term risk to organs. Buckle up boys, this won’t be the last time Karen fires off such ridiculous fear porn and Clay has to take time out of his busy schedule to shove Special K into a locker.

Here’s what Sankey told Paul Finebaum today: “Trends are not what we desired, not what we had experienced a bit earlier in the summer. Very much in the wrong direction. That’s problematic. That doesn’t mean that’s the finish line and things will never change. We’ve seen the news around COVID-19 alter itself in different ways over a number of weeks.”

Get some, Karen!

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I’ll keep this as generic as possible…i work in a big city hospital that serves an older crowd (not a private hospital)…its a government hospital…our leadership has prioritized being nimble and ready for the next wave if it comes; we’ve had single digit cases hospitalized for probably 6 weeks, keep in mind the government mimics the community often in its handling of things…we’ve closed our coronavirus units with the understanding that MAYBE we might need to open them again…we’re not hospitalizing people, and were ramping up all of our elective services..we are ready for bad things, but are striving as best we can to achieve the closest thing to normalcy because that’s what our patient population needs…keeping a kid out of school and sports is the equivalent of keeping a heart failure patient away from their doctor for fear of covid…elderly sick patients need doctors and kids need school

  2. I admit that watching Clay take down people on Twitter (or any social media) is enjoyable. But I don’t miss that myself at all. I’m just as passionate as Clay, but reading how professional media types use logic is troubling.

    I always knew sports people were often narrow minded, but I didn’t think the entire sports media was so left wing. Not in the way we are seeing it today.

    What happened to critics? Are all sports media, except Clay, in the tank for whatever their sports tells them to say? Everything is a promotion now?

    Has someone spoken to Tony Romo? What if CBS and the NFL tell the broadcaster … ‘don’t say that Tony’ keep it stupid for the audience Tony.

    • Exactly. If Biden wins the election, come November 4, everything will be open again. It is disgusting. We are fighting against the current though. I am not sure how we change people’s thought process or minds but this website and radio show is a great start.

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