The Coronabros Are Sad Because People Aren’t Dying Enough

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The Coronabros out there are going to be upset because they root for awfulness. The truth of the matter is that even though cases have skyrocketed in Texas, Arizona, California, and Florida, the overall death rate is not moving very much at all.

Florida is a good example because they have fantastic data that they release.

Around 1% of overall confirmed cases are ending in deaths. That means, regardless of age, 99% of all confirmed cases are doing better than you might anticipate.

Remember, the CDC says only 1 out of every 10 people are actually people identified as having a confirmed case. That means in Florida, 99.9% of all people that get the coronavirus are surviving.

Let’s say that’s not true and it is 99.8% or 99.7%, that is still a massive, absolutely massive, number for a survival rate.

This is a big deal because the worst-case scenario according to the Coronabros was “Oh my God, what if we open up too sign and have an outbreak in the country?”

Well, we’ve had an outbreak and the death rate has barely budged which, ipso facto, suggests that the easy outcome is to open up the country, our hospitals can handle it if people are getting sick.

Put everyone back to work, put everyone back in schools. Let’s get America back rolling again. The worst case scenarios are not happening and not in the playbook anymore.

The Coronabros have to acknowledge that New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois made disastrous decisions in following Andrew Cuomo’s lead.

As long as everyone else doesn’t do that, the death rate is going to be a pin prick as what it was in New York.

We know this because in the states of Texas and Florida where the media loves to criticize the governors, they are actually approaching the same numbers of confirmed cases but they have 1/10th of the death rate.

If New York would have had the same response as Texas and Florida, instead of 30,000+ deaths, they would have had around 3,000 deaths.

The story here is not Florida and Texas, it is how did Andrew Cuomo and everyone who followed his lead, did so bad in those states.

That is the number one story.

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  1. Clay, I’m with you on all of this. But to say Florida’s data is “fantastic” is a little over the top. Did you see the stories from the Orlando TV station that labs are reporting 100% of tests are positive? Or the story about a motorcycle crash victim being listed as a covid death and the heath department official justifying it by saying that coronavirus could have been the reason he crashed his motorcycle? Hardly fantastic.

    But all of this means the truth is even better than reported. Just not “fantastic”.

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