‘The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show’ Discuss Crime Wave Against Police, 20-Year High In Murder Rate

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Browse through the selection of headlines highlighted by Twitter, and users will rarely come across an acknowledgment of the rampant crime wave against police that is endangering the security of Americans.

Friday’s episode of “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” discussed the media’s influence on shunning cops from society, which has only resulted in the higher murder rates among the innocent — including cops themselves.

“This is part and parcel with the world that we created when police became demonized,” Clay said. “When the mainstream media created the idea that police were the enemy.”

“In 2021 we set, as a country, an awful marker: a 20-year high for murdered police officers, the highest number since Sept. 11.

“How many news media organizations that have tried to trump up division between police and the people that they try to protect? How many of them actually took the time to even remotely acknowledge it?”

Clay bluntly addresses how radical change is possible through common-sense instruction rather than the media’s bitter coverage.

“Imagine how much difference we would see if instead of attacking police officers if people said, ‘hey, police officers aren’t going to be perfect.'” Clay stated. “When I talk to police officers, they say they’ve never seen anything like this. The disrespect that they get in the streets.”

“If every single person just complied with the initial request of a police officer, there would be almost zero violent interactions.”

Buck called for accountability to be assigned to popularized left-wing logic that has fueled ongoing spikes in crime rates.

“Do you know how left-wing activists think about it? This is a failure of insufficient investment in the community. We need more money for community activists and we need more police anti-racism training.”

“This is also a direct result of defunding the police,” Clay added.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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