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It’s American Century Championship weekend in Tahoe

That’s right, it’s that time of year when we see whether Charles Barkley will buy a round for everyone hanging out at the Harrah’s Tahoe main stage where he likes to grab the mic and get the party started like normal. I have this dream that I end up at an event like the ACC and I’m drinking with Chuck, Larry the Cable Guy, my buddy Paul & someone like Roger Clemens. I want to hear stories from guys who’ve been in the partying trenches. I want to hear about the wild times. Of course, all of it would be off the record. I know my place.

Of all the American sporting events, I can’t believe I keep letting the ACC slide past me year after year. We’re talking about an event where you have a Curry-Curry-Curry pairing, a Mahomes-Kelce-Timberlake pairing and a Terrell Davis-Jerome Bettis-Emmitt Smith pairing. (Full first-round pairings – here) And then there’s the final pairing on Friday with Charles, Rob Riggle and Larry the Cable Guy going off of No. 10.

Keep the drinks coming, and I’m good. Park me at that beach Par 3 they always show on TV, and I’ll be just fine. Or better yet, which one of you take a boat to that beach to party. Let me know, I’ll be on a flight next summer.

Name another place where you can see all of these guys in one place for $30. Seriously, that’s the ticket price.

• Good luck to the YouTuber who has set sail in a kayak made of duct tape. “After the last Island Survival Challenge on the tiny Island, I thought it [would] be fun to try and build a boat out of duct tape and escape an island in the ocean,” Zachary Fowler says about his latest content creating adventure. “All I have to survive and escape the island is a bunch of duct tape, my shovel and some sticks and my trusty sidekick melony!”

• I prefer to create mowing content vs. paddling across the ocean from some tiny island. The biggest risk I’m willing to take in the name of content is to spend a weekend surviving an SEC tailgate. Speaking of that, I need to get busy looking at the best party games this fall.

• Daryl K. via email:

Good afternoon, a day early I suppose. With the threat of rain tomorrow here in Indy, and vacation on the brain(we leave for northern Wisconsin on Friday afternoon) I called an audible and mowed this afternoon. A day early mow allowed for a lowering of the deck and I must say it looks great.

As for your small town USA project, would suggest Minocqua, WI. Lovely little downtown, a couple breweries, a distillery, waterski shows, fudge shops, amazing popcorn and my favorite book store of all time: The Shade Tree! A well-curated, delightful little shop.

Have a great rest of your week!

• Commish response: I need to know how Daryl keeps the grass so perfect under the swing set and I need to see a waterskiing show. Minocqua, WI is exactly the sort of towns I’m looking for. It’s pretty much an island out in north-central Wisconsin. The interstate system doesn’t even come close to this tiny summer village surrounded by lakes. We’re talking four-lane state route country where Americana still exists along state route 51. Thank you for this suggestion. It goes on my list.

• Let’s get back into mowing mode. I know some of you are picking up limbs after Hurricane Elsa came through, but we need to get back on schedule around here. Let’s get the mowers out tonight. Let’s cut some grass. Get those edges right. The July 4th weekend buzz has worn off. Get those reports in. I’m all jacked up for league night, and I’m thinking it’s time to create Mowing Wars® — a Thursday Night Mowing League yard battle. You guys in?

I need photos after tonight’s session if you want into Mowing Wars®.


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Posted by Rod Popi on Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Joe, I’m pretty sure that Daryl means Minocqua, Wisconsin. Minocqua often gets over shadowed by nearby Eagle River which is a bit unfair. They are both great places. My brother and his family lived there for eight years. He always said summers were amazing if you could make it through the winters.

  2. After seeing the “Free Britney” sigh at the lightning game it made me think of a few things , if Trump was still in office and didn’t get cheated out of a second term, Britney would be free and Sha’carri would be going to the Olympics. Obviously a shit load of other things would be better including the border, the economy, gas prices ect. But here we are and uncle pedo joe is running the country into the ground.

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