The 12-Year-Old Football Player With A Mustache Turns 13, Says He’s Had A Stache Since He Was 6

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The 12U Texan running back, Jeremiah Johnson, who shocked the world in December with a mustache that had people thinking he was old enough to be paying child support IS BACK and now he’s 13 and preparing for another season of pigskin.

In a new interview with Talk’R Media Network, Johnson, who is now 13 after an early August birthday, explains how he’s pretty much always looked older. “When I was six, I started growing a mustache,” Johnson told the media network.


Yeah, six. That’s what he says.

At this point in his life, Johnson is used to people thinking he’s out of college and working to pay the rent. “I know I don’t look like my age. I mean, it doesn’t really affect me,” he said.

If you’re looking for a potential running back at the college level who’s able to roll with the punches/jokes, Johnson is your guy. He’s heard them all.

“Man I seen him at the New Edition concert last week with his wife. We used to work at Nissan together,” one guy wrote on Facebook back in December. “I remember him on 10u, he had a mustache then too,” one mom wrote.

She’s not lying. Again, the stache started growing in at SIX, according to Johnson.

“He was in my house with my ex-wife in 1979,” another joker quipped.

And they just kept coming.

“That man has a mortgage and 3 kids,” wrote another.

“Nah, he was in the league for 12 years, ain’t no damn way,” a disbeliever wrote.

It’s been a big offseason for Johnson. He turned 13 and visited a bunch of college campuses including TCU and he also made a trip to Austin to hop into Longhorns gear. It also appears that Johnson has inked some sort of NIL deal with a helmet company and had a bunch of merch sent his way.

Now with just under 85,000 Instagram followers and a growing legion of fans on YouTube, do not be shocked when your 12U and 13U kids start idolizing this teenager over Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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