That Takes Balls: LaVar Ball Questions Michael Jordan’s Recent Résumé

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If Scottie Pippen ever needs a place to stay in Cali, he likely has a free room at LaVar Ball’s house. Like Pippen before him, Ball recently decided to downplay the greatness of Michael Jordan. Rather than mock his flu game or question MJ’s star power, Ball suggested Jordan, winner of six championships and five MVPs, is unqualified to offer his son advice.

“Never! What advice is he gonna give him?” LaVar responded when asked by HoopsView how often his son, LaMelo, seeks advice from Michael Jordan. LaMelo, the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, plays for the Hornets, which Jordan owns.

LaMelo’s had a strong second season, averaging 20 points, close to 8 rebounds and more than 8 assists a game. But opposing teams don’t fear Ball the way they once did Jordan, and no one is confusing the barely above .500 Hornets with Jordan’s Bulls.

Papa Ball, however, isn’t buying that narrative. The fact that Jordan last hoisted a Larry O’Brien trophy in 1998 apparently makes him less credible to LaVar, who has as many NBA titles as you and me combined.

“When was the last time he won a championship?” LaVar asked HoopsView.

*This is the part where Scottie Pippen rushes to the computer to snag a pair of of Big Baller Brand sneakers…

“And the game has changed. What’s (Michael Jordan) gonna tell him?” added Ball, one of the few people either brave enough or dumb enough to question the GOAT’s credentials.

Give LaVar this — his sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo are all at least 6’5, and they still aren’t his biggest balls.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. “Dumb enough” is the answer just a big mouth thinks anyone cares what he thinks Michael Jordan is the great one 6-0 6 MVP scoring champ for a decade all defense in a time when they really played BB not this soft phony crap these days I mean come on man

  2. You can tell it just bugs the shit out of him that two of his boys made it to the Association, but he couldn`t even make it to Division I ball. Nobody gives this douchebag any cred. They just laugh at him. Being black and bitter must really suck……..No thanks.

  3. Daddy Ball has used his son’s athletic ability to gain the fame he was incapable of gaining for himself.

    There have been some father’s who have attempted to do the same thing, just not to the level of this guy. This guy has used the media to gain more fame than his sons.

    Mr. Ball has no place to question MJ’s ability.

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